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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by DS, Jun 27, 2011.

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    Be careful--once you go Mac you never go bac(k).:wink2:

    I have no experience with Mac but have heard very good things about them. I am a PC man.
  3. over9five

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    You do have some sort of virus. I get weird spam emails from you every day.
  4. moreluck

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    I get those e-mails too and they want me to get some anti virus something. I just delete them without opening them now. Tooner's getting them too
  5. menotyou

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    Mac is where it's at!!!
  6. scratch

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    I got my first one this past Christmas, a Macbook Air. It runs so much better than a PC. The only problem I have ever had with it was a Firefox browser problem, not anything Apple did. I'm not planning on ever buying anything again with a Microsoft OS. If you shop around, you can find a good price on one.
  7. cheryl

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    DS, install microsoft security essentials (it's free) on your computer and do a full scan with it. It might get rid of the problem.

    If the punks got into your hotmail account from the internet make sure to change your password there too.

    At this point I think the hardware is pretty similar between apple's and pc's so your really choosing which operating system you want. We have both an apple store and a windows store in our local mall and they both have lots of different computers out you can test drive. If I were you I'd find a mall with those stores and spend some time trying them both to see which one you like.

    I am really comfortable with windows 7, but I know a lot of people that struggle with it. The most convincing argument for apple used to be that they were malware and virus free, but that is no longer true. Beware of Malware, Apple Users. Make sure to take a look at the ipad2. We recently bought one for my mom and she loves it.
  8. pickup

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    Hey DS, I got a macbook about 3 years ago. It was difficult initially making the transition , much akin to when the Browncafe made a major format change. It wasn't that the mac way of things were wrong, in fact they might be better, but it went against the grain.

    Thankfully, my brother is one of those apple fanatics and was able to talk me off the ledge and in three days I came to like it.

    As Cheryl pointed out, macs are just as susceptible to malware , it is just that the malware makers try to get the most bang for the buck and target Windows.

    If you like playing video games, they do not make too many games for mac as opposed to the many made for windows. As your link pointed out, DS, you can run Windows programs on a mac, but you have to buy software called "Boot Camp" which last time i checked was about 150 US dollars.

    One final note, mac has something called "Garage Band" which allows you to do alot of things , amongst which is running your guitar through an amp and recording what you play. You can then hook up a microphone and recording your singing over the track. You can have multiple tracks with multiple instruments in case you want to make a song . I know that they are a lot of built in effects such as different types of drums. I haven't explored it too much but based on the little exploring I did it is pretty cool. I could see a professional musician using it in place of renting studio time.

    In short, I like my mac.

    One other thing, if you do buy a mac, be prepared to buy "dummy" books as it is hard to intuitively determine how to change things on a mac such as settings. The dummy books cover a lot of what you might want to do . Surfing the net is easy and a dummy book is not needed.

    If a dummy book doesn't cover what you need, be sure to google the issue and you will be sure to find it covered out there somewhere with potential solutions.
  9. DS

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    I thought it was impossible,but I managed to cancel my hotmail account.
    Hopefully this will stop all the spam.
    It took a lot of clicking,they don't make it easy.
  10. Jones

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    I'm with Cheryl on MSE, I made the switch from AVG a while back and I'm pretty happy with it. DS, if your computer is infested with malware cancelling your hotmail account won't get rid of it.
    Try running malwarebytes (it's free), probably one of the best programs available for eradicating malware.
  11. Monkey Butt

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    Same here.
    As Jones suggested - download and run the malware program.
  12. DS

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    Advice taken and greatly appreciated.
    Microsoft security essentials wanted me to uninstall my avast anti virus,which up until recently has worked well.
    Malwarebytes is compatible with it .D/L it and it found 51 infected files and fixed them(fingers cross)
    Thanks :happy2: