Make the Teamsters dangerous again


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Between us, I think you're just a little bit anxious that the Teamsters might be coming back. You don't have to admit it. Your bungling attempts at 'demoralizing' us have already betrayed it. Be honest: the thought of well-organized, self-respecting, and militant Teamsters who understand the book, who are ready to demand far more from the company in 2023 -- all that makes you shudder.

If the anxiety gets worse, you might consult a therapist or else try and make friends with a union-busting guru.
Haha! I’m sure the 30 people on this forum have a HUGE influence nationwide…lol.
Honestly, I want to see a good contract get ratified sooner than later. That’s in the best interest of everyone. But I guarantee you, there will be no strike.
PS…don’t get hung up on the word “militant”. Sounds great for the press release, but you still work for UPS.