Management Memo Shows Bosses Amok...

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by squirlygirly, Mar 28, 2009.

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    BBAG--that is where my link takes you.
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    Thanks DaDream ... This is great now that we can copy and paste.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    A memo straight from Mussolini himself! Drivers will be cutthroating each other keep from being "least best".
  7. Livin the Dream?

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    Seriously - Is anyone really shocked by this?

    The only thing shocking about this is the stupidity to write it down.

    Our center manager will NOT communicate ANYTHING AT ALL in writing, it MUST be done face to face or by phone. I always assumed it was because of leaving a paper trail.
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    That was an inner office memo that was handed to a union rep! believe it or not there are some good sups out there.
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    Well, I know my Union Steward is a lurker on so hopefully he will be reading this or I will have to print him out a copy for his eyes.
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    Poor performer as a driver but a good guy.
    Probably dumb as a rock.
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    The memo looks believable. Is there a reason why the names were removed from the memo?

    Whats to stop me from distributing my own memo that makes the union look bad and claiming its from a high ranking union official?
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    Sums it up
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    lol @ hoax
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    TDU - Teamsters for a Democratic Union - had this story at

    With a link to the scanned memo here

    I then took the PDF, cleaned it, scanned it, ran OCR and got my above post, which is a readable version.

    Which got me thinking.... I had to work alot, because it was a dirty scan, with folds. Skewed almost 20% off center. Scans of blank spots. And I thought more...

    My guess it is a hoax, a fake memo. Whoever scanned it, posted it on the TDU website either has no pride in their work, or they really wanted it to look like a scanned memo.

    I believe the sentiments shown in it are held by management, I think that document is a fake. My opinion only, I won't argue it, because I really don't care.

    Thank Tie for putting the doubt in my head....
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    Give you my word ...I had nothing to do with this.
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    I have to ask - what is so bad about this?
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    I also do not understand any outrage over this memo.

    The only downside I can think of is if the supervisors do not understand how to attack these issues.

    In the old days, we had team MBC.

    We would have goals just like these. We would then have to write down the action items necessary to attain those goal.

    From my perspective these goals are fair, understandable, and clear.

    If the supervisors are well trained, this is a non-issue. If they are not, well chaos can ensue.

    The issue will not be the memo, it will be the quality of the management team.

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    Sorry fellas about the "faulty" link with my original posting. Bravo to you all, though, for finding your way to the memo! :thumbsup:
    Goes to show how "naive" one can be, on my part, cuz it never even occured to me the memo could possibly be a fake. :confused2: