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    Anybody else get one of these in the mail? In these times, why would anyone even think about such a thing?

    Feel free to fix the wording so that it reflects your own personal feelings or so that the offer would be more appealing. I'm sure that we can do a better job than this, whether it's a full rewrite or adding some choice words. Let's have some fun!

    This thread is the sole responsibility of stevetheupsguy (STUG), and is intended for fun use by my friends and family, here at the Brown Cafe. This is not meant to offend or make fun of, those that have already taken this offer or those that are thinking about this offer, or those that will eventually take this offer. This offer is only valid in the continental United States.

    Date 1/28/09

    Dear UPSer,
    As you plan your future, you may be considering a position in management
    at ups. ups has sustained over 100 years of success thanks, in part, to
    a culture of promotion from within. It is important to remember that
    even in challenging economic times such as these, ups remains committed
    to the development and growth of our people. Current business realities,
    however, mean that our company must carefully manage staffing and costs.
    For the coming year, this will likely mean that promotional
    opportunities into management will be limited or reduced. This should
    not discourage you from considering a position in management. Instead,
    it should help you to understand and accept that even if you qualify,
    the wait for an opportunity to move into a new position will require
    more patience and time than has been true in years past.
    Should you wish to pursue a management position, the management
    promotion and sales processes are two of many UPS programs that provide
    avenues for accessing opportunity and growth.
    This letter is sent annually to inform employees on how to be
    considered for either a management level position or a sales position
    All current employees interested in greater responsibility may apply.
    To be considered for a management level position:
    Send a completed Letter of Interest Cover Sheet
    (enclosed with this letter or obtained from Human Resources) along with a letter, hand written or typed, to the Human Resources (H.R.) manager.

    The letter
    can be submitted via UPS housemail (see your supervisor) or 'U.S.mail.

    The Letter of Interest Cover Sheet should indicate the following:

    your employee ID, which can be obtained from your pay stub or
    your manager,

    names of your current management team,


    whether you're applying for a full-time supervisor, full-time
    specialist, or part-time management position,


    names of relatives that are currently or were previously employed
    by UPS and where they are located.

    Your letter of interest should indicate the following:


    your education, experience, skills, and goals

    . why you are interested in a management Position at UPS

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    i think i also have one i tossed it
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    Got one a few weeks ago..Straight to the trash :happy-very:
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    Every year the past 8 years we get those damn things. I'm pretty sure every non-management UPS'er gets one.

    I did the MAPP test and interview thing, apparently did very well, and turned down the P/T sup job in 2004. Smartest move UPS-wise I ever made hands down. I wouldn't be with the company still otherwise.
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    Sounds like they want you to feed them bull**** when applying so they can feed it back to you when you get the position.
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    I filled mine out and am anxiously waiting to hear back....

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    No, I've never got one.
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    Did you receive a updated version of it. no pay raises, no match, 5% stock match and more hours. No thanks
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    I used mine to start the fireplace!
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    705 has no doubt you applied! :wink2:
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    You have a fireplace???:happy2:
  13. Please be sure to answer the question, "I understand the promotional process", in the affirmative when you take the ERI.
  14. Paid-over-in-Maine

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    We didn't take the ERI last year. Anyone else? I asked about it but I think they were afraid of what they may get back!
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    Eri next month :d
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    Ran mine right thru the shredder :funny:
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    Got one last weekend had a good laugh and then recycled it.