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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Anonymous Coward, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Anyone hearing any rumors? I've heard the retirement age going to 57 or 60. I've also heard there may be some major pension changes.

    I'm beginning to really regret UPS going public.
  2. dablues

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    "I'm beginning to really regret UPS going public."

    The line is we owe it to the shareholder. Didn't they owe it to the shareholder when it was only UPSers??
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    Really? Have you heard the early buyout rumor?<o ="">

    </o>Its about time to trot that around the ring again.<o ="">

    </o>Running joke Ive heard recently (because Ive asked people about your retirement-changes rumor) is If they make a change to extend my time, my retirement announcement will be that same day.<o ="">

    </o>Thats cute in a way. Lots of people into their sixties and 30+ years that have been fully qualified to retire and wont. Then again, theyd be grandfathered in and it wouldnt affect them.<o ="">

    </o>People Im talking about are early/mid 40s with maybe 15 - 18 years in.<o =""></o>

    So no, I havent heard any rumors except from posters like you. Ive heard the real-life response to those rumors though. Whether theyre serious or not remains to be seen. I wouldnt blame them if they were serious.
  4. tieguy

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    That rumor has been flying around for a while.
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    Yea Any. Coward...I regret it too...