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  1. KingofBrown

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    What happened to the surveys we used to fill to rate our Managment Staff? I haven't seen them (The Surveys) for at least three (3) years. Does anybody know if they're coming back?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I assume you are talking about the ERI. We still have them but they are only done by randomly selected employees--another cost-cutting measure.
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    Cost cutting is the excuse on the outside. They only selected 20 from our bldg. 10 had less than 3 years and 10 were bonus babies. They only want to hear what they want to hear.
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    In our center the mgmt team has also selected who does the ERI, and their opinions are suppose to be the general consensus of the entire center. Mgmt does this so they get a positive response, and who knows how this plays out when it comes time for bonuses. I think the whole thing stinks as my responses would not be favorable.
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    I knew this wasn't just my situation.
  6. scratch

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    I got "volunteered" to be on the ERI Committee three years ago. They had one meeting, which I was never told about. I haven't heard of the ERI since, I thought they were done away with for lack of interest.
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    What's the "ERI"?
    I really don't know what it stands for...Employee Results Indice?
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    Ha Ha.. Good One..

    Is it a measure of people playing together??
  10. cosmictrucker

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    We haven't had an ERI in about 3 years in my feeder dept.
  11. JonFrum

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    When I was selected a while back, the Chosen Ones were mandated by much higher up. I assume a computer program made the selections randomly.

    Upon seeing my name of the list, my boss must have felt like he was passing a kidney stone. :sick:
  12. FracusBrown

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    ERI = Employee Relations Index. It hasn't been done company wide for the past three years. I doubt we'll see it again. There is a new survey, but it's only taken by a sampling of people from each classification. It's not used as a whipping tool for management anymore and there's no reporting at the center or division level. You manager doesn't care what you say on it, if you're chosen to take it.

    At 10 minutes per person it would take about 70,000 hours to administer if 400,000 people took it.
  13. KingofBrown

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    So this is another type of practice that has disappeared because of the economy. What's next?

    Does anybody know if we're getting our turkeys or some type of bonus this year?
  14. Monkey Butt

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    No turkey.
    Extra overtime is a type of bonus.
  15. hypocrisy

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    We don't see it anymore because the software was set up to automatically score any "Highly disagree" result as 75% favorable. Unfortunately the parameters were only allowed to alter a specific number of entries so it overloaded and crashed when trying to rescore 99.99% of the responses.
  16. Monkey Butt

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    One of your more believable posts.
  17. ideliver2u67

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    We were actually told today, that the majority of UPSers that have taken the survey have changed their minds about the company. Apparently, as of 5 years ago, most employees would not go to work somewhere else with equal pay and benefits. But if the survey was done today most if not all would jump ship, and leave for an equal paying job. BIG SUPRISE. Dont get me wrong, I think this company is a great one, but they have lost focus on what really matters, THE EMPLOYEES.
  18. Monkey Butt

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    As a fellow employee, I can empathize but Employees are no longer at the top since going public.
    In publicly traded companies, the Shareowners are at the top, then the Company and then usually the Employees and then probably the Community.
    That is just the nature of this type of organization ... my observations indicate that UPS is fairly typical in this respect.
    The relationship between the employees and that thing called "the Company" does change when going from a private company to a publicly traded corporation.
    The sooner that an individual understands that and then accepts it, the easier life will be for them. This process is called change management and consultants make a lot of money going around to companies and holding workshops on this.
  19. ideliver2u67

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    Interesting, I never really thought of it like that. That does seem to be the beginning of all the madness. So I guess, seeing as how the shareowners are at the top, we should just have the union mail copies of our grievences straight to all the shareholders. I do understand that in a tough time companies have to change, however, busting everyones butt to the point where their morale and devotion to the company, and customers, become more of a F'm all kinda attitude, is not good for production. I am personally dedicated to "my" customers, as i deliver to and live in the same small town, where I have known many for a long time. But, when splits are in, I take care of my stuff, and have that poor attitude when it comes to other areas.
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