Management took one of my option days from me

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    Hey guys, I need some help with this situation. Last Friday I had to go in for jury duty. I told my supervisor in advance that I would be going so he was informed about it. So this week I read on my check that the day I was at jury duty, they took that as an option day. Sounds wrong to me. So when I checked the contract, it says that I would be payed for it and from my understanding would not have to use my own option day for it. I also read that if I am released 4 hours prior to my start time (released at 2:50pm and start time is 6:30pm) I don't have to come in. Can someone please chime in? I'm with local 572.

    By the way, on the 20th I have to go back and see if I will be picked for a long trial, up to 30 days they say. How will I be affected?
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    put them papers on management for harassment. don't put up with their crap.
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    Just sounds like a PT'er sup or an OMS who doesn't really know you or wasn't informed that you had jury duty, so they assumed you wanted a personal or was granted a personal. Did you get paid a personal for it or did they literally take a personal out of your OPD bank without granting you money?
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    Bring it to their attention and give them a chance to correct it. if they don`t or won`t then grieve. They cannot make you take a op day for jury duty.
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    Just remember, if it's a mistake of more than $15 (for p/ters) on the employers part, once it's brought to their attention, they have no more than 2 days to give you "green" check. If not, you get penalty pay. Don't let them put it on next weeks check. (Okay, I know I'm gonna get dinged on this because I don't have contract in front of me, but it's pretty close). Check your contract.
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    They actually took the day as an option week (OPW) and I was paid for it on my check. For some reason that makes no sense to me. I thought we couldn't break up those option weeks.

    And what is a "green" check. Thank you for your help guys!
  8. sys i work out of gardena 572 also i will show you who to talk to if you need help they play with our money all the time and they dont like to give you a green check they will move it to next weeks check
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    When all else seems to fail-- hand them the papers. Thats not right.
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    Sorry, I was partaking in an adult beverage when writing before. Get with your manager and explain and have it corrected.

    In the case of a "green" check, that is an extra check especially for an error. Not to be added to next weeks check. In your case tho, it's the other way around. If you want it deducted, they will probably do it all at once on the next check and yes, you do get paid jury duty, at least the difference between what jury pays and you would have made.
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    1st time I was on jury duty I got paid for 8 hours plus got to keep my jury pay and milage to the courthous ck. 2nd time I had to give them my jury pay but got to keep the milage ck and no ---the time off wasn't deducted from anything.
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    I served jury duty just over a year ago. I had the whole week in court. I didn't give up any option/personal days. Read the contract and give them golden papers if they don't correct their mistake.
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    Link Back

    This is what has happened since. What would you have done?

    "Top pay for driving ground in a shuttle
    Last Thursday one of my sups called me to drive out to the Main St. hub in Los Angeles about 2 hours after I clocked out. He made me some deal about driving that night and not having to come in and he would pay me for a previous error on my check. (resent post about jury duty pay) He was going to pay me 4 hours of my regular pay as a jury duty day. My question is, do I get paid top pay for the 2 hours I worked driving and unloading the packages to the Main St. hub? I just checked my paycheck and they only paid me 2 hours at my regular pay. What should I do? In situations like this, I was used to getting paid top pay for driving, but I would not clock out. They would just ask me at the end of my shift, around 4-5 hours, and they would just let me break and then drive out."
  14. systergates

    You should get top pay for the shuttle if it was ground and main st is all ground i know (mark) sent me to ontairo shuttle one night and it took 4hrs
    he paid me for only 3 at air pay. it was all air so that was fine but took one hr from me so for the 2nd time I had to go give him my hrs once more and then he broke it down to how many hrs it would be at my hub rate then paided it out that way If you need help let me know before start i sit out side the 800 line by the baydoor and will help you out