Management's Mood


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Whats the general mood for management in your area ?....good/bad, happy/sad...short term/long term.........In Ct its very much disatisfied with their overall compensation.....Many say that the new teamster contract will force many management people out of the company....Seems their pay/compensation isnt what it used to be.....
It all depends on the manager to tell you the truth. If his center is performing crappy and his home life sucks then that will more than likely reflect in his attitude and demeanor.

I've met good center managers and bad center managers. Some are a-holes and some are not. Some are number-chasing puppets could care less about anything else and some are the exact opposite (yet just as effective).

Although the company tries to suck the life right out of you, some people (management included) are able to establish a successful work/life balance. It might not be easy, but it's not impossible.


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What about center manager's who never mention anything to you about performance and always give a good laugh but are serious about production.