Manager told HR I had been terminated by "mistake"?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by atlastitan, Apr 10, 2015.

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    Hey I have been a pt for a little over a year. I just came back from a vacation week off and when I when in to ask about driver FT papers my HR representative said apparently I wasn't working there anymore. LOL. She said when she asked the Manager he said I had been terminated. I obviously haven't been terminated and management has no complaints about me at all. She called him and he was like no it was a mistake and apologized to her I guess. But then she was like I don't know how you're getting paid. So right now I am trying to figure out how to get my vacation week paid and also want to make sure I get paid for my hours this coming week. Who should I go to for this? I am planning to see the manager if I have a chance but should I go back to HR? I am also trying to hand in my transfer request for FT. Do I turn that in to HUB manager too?
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    Go to your manager, if your pay is not right and fixed, file a grievance and get penalty pay.
    If you are on vacation, they should of paid that 2 weeks ago. If you are talking about last weeks pay, ask for a green check.
    Manager, I don't think HR deals with payroll for those types of things.
    Management? If so disregard everything above. If not, there is no such thing, but to sign a FT bid sheet.
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    Had a similar situation happen to me years ago. Never missed a day of pay and only discovered it when I did not get paid for a Holiday. Wasn't so funny when the wife took the kids to the Doctor and was told we no longer had insurance. Took a couple months to straighten out.
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    Is the manager named Arnold?
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    Yeahhhh, if you could just go ahead and move down to the basement that'd be great. Mmkay? Thanks Milton.
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    Do you have a red stapler ?
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    The 8 looked like a 6 in your name.
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    i spoke to management. now im just awaiting my vacation check before next week. Thanks for letting me know about penalty pay. BTW I announced my vacation week late thats why pay wasn't given in advance.