MD-11 crash at PVG

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    Another carrier had a MD-11 crash on T/O out of PVG, it seems that 3 are dead and 4 are alive. The crash site looked like total destruction, the article states that the Mad Dog hit the tail on take off and veered off the runway.
  2. Dude; Who's the Carrier??????

    The aircraft was operated by Zimbabwe-based Avient Aviation, Xinhua said. Avient officials in Zimbabwe could not immediately be reached.
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    The aircraft was operated by Zimbabwe-based Avient Aviation. An Avient Harare official said the flight was operated out the United Kingdom and could not say what cargo was on board. The official was not authorized to speak to the media and spoke on condition of anonymity
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    PVG is the IATA code for Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai, the People's Republic of China.
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    MD11...the most dangerous commercial aircraft in the sky.
  6. AJ;
    You are correct. There were 3 fatalities. RIP
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    stop hijacking threads and aircraft:wink2:
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    Right. MD aircraft are my second least-favorite aircraft to fly on with Airbus being my least-favorite. Both make the strangest noises, particularly airborne. -Rocky
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    I'm pretty sure that the MD11 has the worst safety record of any current commercial aircraft. As they say, "If it's not Boeing, then I'm not going". There's a reason pilots call it the "Deathstar".