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    I’ve been a UPSer for almost 12 years. During my time at the company I’ve gone through some ups and downs like everyone else does. Long story short, I was an addict for a couple of years. I’ve been clean for over two years but I still take medication so I don’t fall back into that vicious cycle. My prescribing doctor will not sign off on my DOT even though I’ve been cleared to go back to work without restrictions. What can I do or who can I go to about this?
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    What kinda meds we talking about
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    You're doctor won't sign off on your DOT what ?
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    Two years clean. Great news. Stay strong.
    Maybe someone with some authority in the rehab program you were involved in or if a lawyer was involved anywhere in the process, could make the call to your doctor.
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    There is a list of drugs you can take

    and still have a dot card don’t think Subox is on it

    Maybe talk to somebody at the union hall if you pay dues
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    I don’t believe it’s on the list either. I think it’s more my doctor not wanting to be held liable if anything. It’s quite challenging to find a prescribing doctor in my area and under my insurance that actually cares for my well-being. It’s the same three questions every visit each month.
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    I'd like to see that list, do you know of a link?
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    I don’t have a link but it can be found easily if you check the DOT website in your state.
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    No I had it years ago

    I had a heart attack when I was 39 had to have the Dr. change my medicines up so I could qualify for a DOT card

    it’s got to be on the inter webs