Method For Loading 100 RDLs Without Killing Yourself?

I walked into the second shift and was a given a truck to work on that, according to the bulk forecasting sheet, had 100rdls, 40 in the 8k section and 60 in the 6k section. Since I had no idea how many bulks I was going to get and I was worried about the rdls getting mixes up if the 8k or the 6k section got blown out, I figured the easiest thing to do was to keep the rdls out until the end and toss them down the center of the truck after the air showed up. The belt sups boss didn't care for that and tried yelling at me. I just shrugged my shoulders and went about my business. Just wondering what's the best method for loading a truck that would have gotten some of the rdls in without blowing my ability to add packages where they belong in the car?


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Sounds like you made the right call. RDL's are normally among the first stops of the day. Throwing up the gut would make it easier than digging through the 6K and 8K shelves.
I dunno. In my opinion I'd load the 6s and 8s in the front and keep the rdls to the back as much as possible. Floor and shelves. So far the drivers haven't complained about that. And if you aren't completely sure with how you're loading your truck. When the driver finally comes in, just ask them. They much rather hear your reasoning and questions rather than just assuming it's what they want. Granted they already know it can't be their way everytime.. but them knowing that you're TRYING to make it easier on them, will make your job easier ultimately. Asking the driver ends up getting you kudos and gifts too. Not that that's why I ask every driver I load for. But it will make both our jobs easier ultimately. Communication with your driver is highly recommended and very important