1. B

    the Preload vent

    a place for preload venting.. from the seasoned vet to the newbie without us, who else is gonna have the trucks set up to hit the streets?? yea I respect the drivers.. long hrs driving.. the stress and fatigue.. 200 stops in a day.. I couldn't do it. We preloaders go thru it too.. especially...
  2. W

    Method For Loading 100 RDLs Without Killing Yourself?

    I walked into the second shift and was a given a truck to work on that, according to the bulk forecasting sheet, had 100rdls, 40 in the 8k section and 60 in the 6k section. Since I had no idea how many bulks I was going to get and I was worried about the rdls getting mixes up if the 8k or the 6k...
  3. Equie

    Tired of working at UPS.

    Every single time I am the one who gets picked on to be sent home. Even though there was a trainee, he was just floating around picking up randon stuff. Another preloader even joke saying "You just walking around doing nothing." There were three other trainees on they belt. They came several...
  4. D

    I got hired but haven't been put to work??

    Hi All, So I am normally a hustle get things done kinda person but, I have a big dilemma.. I got hired as a Part-Time Package Handler|Preloader for the UPS Facility in my area but after several attempts it would seem things are either highly unorganized or just not very busy which is weird...
  5. toonertoo

    For all new hires, go here (on topic)

    I am going to try to compile a faq page for all new hires. New UPSers, feel free to post your questions here in this thread if you haven't found your answer elsewhere.
  6. Brandon5658

    Will I lose my job?

    So a follow up to sucking at preloading. I still can't handle 4 package cars. Its draining the life out of me. I feel like I would be better doing unload or sort. A PT supervisor told me I wouldn't make book if I asked to work other than as a preloader, but another told me I should ask to be...
  7. Brandon5658

    Energy Drinks or nah?

    Okay this is my fourth week at the united parcel service. I'm pretty exhausted after an hour or two and I was wondering if you guys recommend having a monster/redbull/5 hour energy etc? I usually don't eat before my preload shift so I can see that being a problem. I'm a pretty big guy at 250lbs...
  8. herbigharo32

    Sent Home For Being 1 Min Late; drama follows...

    So I got sent home for being 1 min late. I just wrote down a tracking number to prove that I reported in then went to IHop instead of home. I just had to send a picture of that Colorado Omelete and pancakes to the supervisor who cut me...LOL. Before leaving, I put myself down for an option...
  9. Brandon5658

    I suck at preloading.

    Today I had the same 4 trucks to preload. It was hell. A :censored:ty packed box of books opened under the weight of itself and it caused me to get backed up with packages. My scanner then decided to fail and my supervisor wasn't around to help me so I asked another preloader. My supervisor was angry...
  10. Brandon5658

    Advice please?

    Hey there UPS family, I'm a new member of UPS in New York. Just started around 3 weeks ago. I'm currently a package car preloader and I'd like some advice to improve my work. I've been struggling to pack the trucks, 4 cars being a bit too much to handle for me. Almost everyday my supervisor has...
  11. Brownslave688

    No more?

    Saturday ground. Hearing that lots of centers are scrapping the operation.
  12. H

    When have i achieved seniority?

    I've been a preloader for 4 months and joined the union.. At what point have I achieved seniority?
  13. C

    Possible to work both preload night and early morning

    Been at ups for about 4 1/2 Years as a preloader..hours aren’t cutting it though (not enough) is it possible to work double shifts, (for example 5-9pm and then come back for the early am preload?)
  14. RuthlessSupSlayer

    Holiday pay

    I have been qualified since October 2017 so my question is do I have to wait 12 months again to get the 8hours at driver rate for holiday pay?
  15. Soccer97

    Messing with employees time

    Is a sup allowed to edit an employees time by moving time under a lower pay code? I've asked for help on this and have wrote grievances galore to fix my time for my checks and nothing.
  16. B

    preload not making drivers job any easier.

    I think it's really a shame how preload supervisors do not care AT ALL about what happens to the driver after dispatch so long as their own production numbers are hitting the mark. Ive worked on the preload a very long time and have noticed a steady decrease in the standards that the people...
  17. BrutusBrown

    Personal Vehicle Driver-checking in

    Got picked up for the season as a PVD. (Boooo!!! GTFO!!! SCAAAB!! <<< lol) Just to get some of that out of the way. I picked up the PVD gig to get my foot in the door with UPS. I originally applied for a seasonal driver position and was only offered PVD. I'd be glad to answer any...
  18. E

    What are my chances?

    I got hired for preload on the 21st of Nov. I work 3 to whatever, and always stay until everything is done, not just my line, but the whole line. Never been late, never missed a day. What are my chances for keeping the job?
  19. Po0pmenot

    UPS BUYS 125 of Elon Musks trucks..

    Self driving trucks.. It's happening.
  20. A

    transferring hubs

    I plan on going to UCF in orlando because of the tution assistance and continue being a preloader instead of going into management. is it true you cant transfer hubs unless its for managment ?