Metro Chicago and Palatine?


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I heard of the merge, good or bad? What was the point of making Palatine a outlying center? Addison is still North IL. Don't really get it...can anyone shed some light, my managment guys in Addison don't know jack, big surprise, huh


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Neither good nor bad, just another cost savings initiative for UPS.

UPSer' had some restructuring info regarding South Illinois district collasping. So some centers from South Illinois, were being moved to North Illinois. As a result, Metro Chicago picked up Palatine.

It's just a matter of shifting reports from one district to another. And there is also a cost savings for the South Illinois District Staff being eliminated in future positions. So basically, the current management in North Illinois and Metro Chicago, will pick up additional responsibilites. Consolidations like this have been going on since the mid 90's.

As far as union hourly employees, that stays the same. Just may have a different Division Manager.