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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by whatsthetune, Dec 7, 2002.

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    Understand the Mexican truck issue is solved. They get to driver to/fr any customer in the U.S. as long as they pass safety inspections. I think now they're limited to 30 miles in.

    They get paid half of what U.S. truckers make per mile. Where were the Teamsters on this? They talk tough but free market forces are stronger. Will be a tough nut to organize the Mexican truckers, given the high dues rates.

    Anybody see what's going to happen down the road?
  2. tieguy

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    30 miles in is not big territory. The teamsters don't have the independents organized either?
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    Well Jim Casey obviously felt there was a good reason to "invite" the Teamsters to work for his company.
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    "Well Jim Casey obviously felt there was a good reason to "invite" the Teamsters to work for his company."

    Mr. Casey figured he may as well have the Teamsters come into UPS on his terms.
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    I can understand the concern, especially from the safety standpoint but there is another way of looking at this. The ability of Mexican Truckers to penetrate the US also works in reverse in that American Trucklines can penetrate Mexico. As this thing starts to expand look for several things to happen. Mexican truckers over time will want more money also and with more money will come the demand for better, more reliable service. Some customers will go ahead and pay for that just to make sure they get product.

    As Mexico's economy expands, they must clean up their act to attract more business or expand what they have and also add more infrastructure. There is now a move to expand NAFTA to Hemispherical scale and with such, Central and South America also must look at infrastructure and political upheavel potential as well. This won't happen overnight but it must happen if an open hemispherical economy is to take place.

    IMO UPS is a company that is in a position to benefit from such moves rather than suffer. As for the Teamsters, they need to not only clean up their act but also change with the times in how they approach representing members and how they approach companies on behalf of those members. If they don't learn to adapt their business to new conditions then like the horse and buggy they to will see their world get stored in the Barn of history. JMO.
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    wkmac: How should the Teamster's and the company interact?
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    In a partnership relationship. Both IMO could benefit but there is no doubt it would require a give and take from both sides.

    As a Teamster, I believe we the members should educate ourselves on all the elements that make up the type business we are in. A good understanding makes us less vulnerable to manipulation by either side and it also makes us more capable at seeing business opportunities even faster. This makes all of us an even more valuable asset and I also believe it will make all of us more comfortable at taking some risks that offer a bigger return.

    Don't fret though. I doubt either side will do this so just get ready for the same ole, same ole. To bad too!