Mgmnt loves to treat us like cockroaches

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    The last management tactic to try to get us out of the building "quickier", is for them to turn off the ceiling fans immediately after the sort ends, (belt stops), and for the entirity of Code 53 (Fine Sort). They started doing this last week since we "been taking too long" to get out on the road to begin our routes.

    Meanwhile, the temperature inside that building this time of the year I'm sure reaches 100°+, not to mention the exhaust, toxic gases we are all inhaling from trucks idling before departing and while being driven out the property, a true medical hazard. However, they simply don't give a crap.

    Many, I mean many couriers are filing formal complaints with OSHA for unsafe working conditions, I just can't wait for them to get here. All I can say is that these managers are totally evil, every day they are looking for ways to crush us like cockroaches.
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    Our dispatch sup will turn off the radio if the preload is falling behind.

    Turning off the exhaust fans is a health issue and deserves the OSHA complaint.
  3. We used to get the lights turned out on us when we were going to slow after the sort. That all stopped after a driver got tired of it and just left for the day when the lights got turned off. Left all of his docs behind. Was pretty funny.
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    To them, we are cockroaches.
  5. Lol what? that's pretty awful
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    Sounds like a good excuse, "sorry I couldn't see my area, the lights were off, didn't see any docs."



    Rampant rumor going on at our station this morning is OSHA paid us a visit yesterday and management is now forbidden of turning fans off after end of sort.....YES!!!

    The cockroaches had won one!
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    I have always felt like those kids Indiana Jones saved in Temple of Doom when I'm doing the doc sort.
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    pay them on mind, just do your thing.
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    Look at the bright side. Cockroaches are survivors. Tell mgmt they'll be a rotted corpse while you guys crawl out from the rubble.
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    This is what happens when the cockroaches fight back...sometimes they win. If only more employees would file complaints with OSHA, the DOT, and/or local authorities, FedEx would be forced to back-off on their abusive tactics. Granted, we aren't getting a union any time soon, but if you want things to improve, this is a perfect example of what can be accomplished.