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    For years UPS would preach to us that the company only makes .07 cents of profit per dollar made! I fear we our heading for trouble with all the mismanagement that is going on. When you start seeing the company cut basic expenditures such as uniforms, automotive repairs, office supplies, simple recognition awards, bathroom suppliers, building maintenance and more, you know we are in trouble! First, management is supposed to be innovative with forward thinking and cost saving planning through technology, Orion is not working period, it takes the driver to long to select the packages, to many left turns, service is suffering etc. etc. .07 profit gets eaten up real quick with all the extra time it takes to execute the solution! I know UPS is trying to move to automunus vehicles and that sounds great but the company may not make to that point if they don’t keep making profit and run the company properly, period! Second, we have to many people who do not know how to use the technology, some managers know how to use the technology but they do not to properly mange it because they do not have direct knowledge of the routes to fix the problems, just because you have college degree does not mean you know what you are doing! Third, human beings are still the best computers that the company have, they adapt to adversity better than anything out there and our jobs change every day, sometimes minute by minute. Every time UPs introduces new technologies it is making us slower less efficient! I know there are self sorting hubs but when they often break down I guess it’s a mess! Fourth, the bottom line is this: The more packages that you can deliver with least amount of people and package cars will make you the most money period! This 9.5 rule for all is costing us so much, period! Don’t you think if having lighter days and adding more routes would have made the company more money, they would have implemented the program years ago? Last but not least, all snowflakes should jump off now! If you don’t like the hours and don’t want to work for your money, then go somewhere else! I like having a top rate wage along with excellent insurance and a U.N. heard of pension now days! Where can you and work partime and get a $25,000.00 Insurance package for your family plus a pension plan for free, no where else! Yes the company is making money but they are getting desperate how they do it, mismanagement is running rampant and the work force does not want work as hard either! We are killing the golden goose and for you guys and gals who are retired or about to retire this affects you too! The less money coming into the retirement funds the less that will be paid out! .07 on the dollar is a fragile number UPS smartin up and quiet blowing it!
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    That crack head makes 7000$ an hour to run this place into the ground
  4. tadpole

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    I was on board with what you were saying, until
    Yeah the company could make so much more money if we would all just stop complaining and work 60 hours every week. While they’re at it, they could save so much money by cutting our benefits and lowering our pay, too!
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  5. MyTripisCut

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    What’s your position at UPS?
  6. Mind your own damn business

    @BakerMayfield2018 ?
  7. MyTripisCut

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    I’m just wondering why he isn’t CEO. Now please stfu.
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    Ever heard of a period or paragraph

    What’s the TLDR version
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    That’s the problem if they don’t start managing the company correctly, they will start cutting your benefits and pensions because that’s what small minded managers do is cut instead of innovating! We don’t have work 60 hours a week but we need to work more than we do now! They can rotate the work so everyone gets a breather once in a while but have full trucks is going to sink us!
  10. burrheadd

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  11. MyTripisCut

    MyTripisCut Dumpster, INABAG

    Pensions and benefits are negotiated in our contract. I knew you were in management.
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  12. Brisket

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    Um , paragraphs please.

    But pretty well thought out.

    Oh and the U.N. Could care less about us... :wink2:
  13. Rutherford B Hays

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    Aren't you being a little disingenuous with your argument here?

    Your're upset because you think YOU will lose your overtime
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  14. Yeet

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    Obviously not a driver since he thinks autonomous vehicles are a good idea.
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  15. 542thruNthru

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    Yeah... No thanks.

    If UPS is going to go under because I don't want to work 55-60 hours a week and see my family. Well so be it.
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    That is a hilarious gif. I think you might be the new King of Gifs.

  18. tenor (17).gif
  19. Wrong

    Wrong :))

    I’m sick of these boomers that plan to live off pensions and welfare lecturing me to work harder so they can continue to leach all in the guise of “work hard like me sonny boy”.

    Grow a spine, get on 9.5 and drive the bitch into the ground. They want to save money? Cool, slash your bloated corporate and management flunkies some more.
  20. 542thruNthru

    542thruNthru Well-Known Member

    I say we cut their swivel chair allowance and give them all the old school chairs.

    I bet that would save millions. Don't you agree @Old Man Jingles