Mgt instructs us to violate methods

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  1. The boss said to sort the whole car off before 1500 and call in any misloads or missed. If you dont you get a warning letter the next day if you miss something.
    The methods say to sort 1 section at a time. The boss says violate your training or get a warning letter. What do you do?
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    Go work elswhere.
  3. beentheredonethat

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    The methods also have it so there aren't misloads. Obviously the methods are not being followed 100% since your center obviously has some problems (I'm sure in large part due to PAS). The boss is trying to make service on the pkgs (United Parcel Service, not United Parcel Methods.). We use the methods for efficiency, safety and for service. If your boss feels he needs his people to not be effective by doing some sorting by 3:00 PM then that's his call and you should do as instructed.
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    Three words: Work As Directed. Like the previous poster said, its all about service. The manger is trying to make service on his packages. Its not a safety issue. Its not like he's telling you to run, not use your handrail, or not wear a seatbelt. So what is your problem? You just like to pick fights with the company?
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    This isn`t a safety issue so make sure a steward knows of your mgrs wishes and work as directed. As stated by others,he is adapting to make service. The threat of discipline is a bit of B.S. but thats the only way UPS knows how to operate now.
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    My boss just sheets pkgs as closed, emergency comdition, future etc. Doesn't care about making service on them, only impressing those above her. Nice integrity.
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    don't want to be known-
    Did the boss tell everyone, with witnesses, to sort the whole car by 1500 or just you?
    I've found that management can be rather sly in their tactics to the extent that if they are doing or saying something they know is wrong they will make sure no one else is around to witness it. Then they can stand back and say, "....I didn't say that.".

    Management can use "methods" as the crucifix upon which to nail a driver but when the methods don't suit management's whim at the moment they, apparently, are allowed to waive them? How does that work?
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    Our center has also been told to take a look at the whole truck at 1500 for misloads. We get paid very good money to stop and take a peak at your work. I dont see this as any huge problem just do your job.
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    i like to wait till 3:01 pm to call,that way when you call in a next day air saver they dont ask you to record and sign sups. name so they can del. later.
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    UPS= Ur Package is Somewhere
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    Heck of a show of faith in the system. Go take a look and see how bad we messed up. If I remember correctly thats what the captain of the Titanic said.
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    Is that what the captain said in Titanic? I always fall asleep during movies so I never saw the ending. hahaha Did that ship ever sink?

    UPS likes to change their rules every week or whatever seams to be the hot button so just work as directed. It's all about no stress and seeing your family when you get home. PAS is their problem not mine so it really makes my work life less stress full. If I had a late night with a sick child or for any reason, I will let EDD do most of my thinking. But, with all that said my route is 85% correct in order so it's not hard for me to stay on trace.

    Another thing I do is try NOT to call the center unless I'm asked to do so. So when I do have to call for help (very rare) they know I'm not joking. But, why call for help when all they are going to do for me is come get my pick-ups off me and waist more time moving boxes around. But, I also have a great loop partner and we will call everyday at 4:30 just to check on each other and help out if needed. That is a huge plus if you have a great working relationship with the guys/gals in your loop.
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    I usually sort my truck after air is off, or I will have to make duplicate stops at 12 places. And I need to let them know in plenty of time, if I have a misload I cant run. (non Pas)
  14. satellitedriver

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    It suprises me that by 3:00pm you would not already know what is left in your truck. Methods are one thing but not knowing your truck is another. I do not understand your complaint.
  15. canon

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    Yeah, I'd have to agree here.

    On a side note, mgmt instructing to violate methods when it comes to following PAS methods is right up my alley. Following pas is something I've been asked not to do. I'd be surprised if I ran 40% trace.

    If they aren't asking you to falsify documents or asking u to do something unsafe.. you're obligated to follow management instruction.
  16. satellitedriver

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    What's Trace? If it is those strange array of address's in my DIAD, then I would guess I could hit 40% about half the time. So, does than mean I can only hit 20% for the week? How the Hell do I empty my truck everyday without help from those little add on stickers. I amaze myself sometimes.
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    I don't care,.... never sign your sups name or any other name to your DIAD. You are falsifying UPS' records and can be fired for it. Let your sup justify what he is doing. This is not a work as directed issue either. Inform your steward of his behaviour and tell the sup that you will call the HOTLINE if he continues.
  18. Raw

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    Every route is different. At 3pm I may still have 80-100 stops left!

  19. We have to work 10 to 13 hours a day. At 3:00 the truck is still full.
  20. Cementups

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    When I had my time study after PAS was put into affect, I was instructed by my ridealong that we were not supposed to sort out any more and that was one of the main points of PAS in the first cut down on sort time. not saying that I don't sort my next section, but that is what I was told.