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  1. Insaneasylum

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    I have been looking all over the contract for the mileage progression and I can't really find anything. The only thing I found was under premium services article 43 talking about sleeper teams.
  2. bluehdmc

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    I believe the mileage rates in progression are the same as the sleeper team rates. The sleeper teams get a per diem for every 1000 miles, used to be $25 but went up last contract.
  3. Insaneasylum

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    I did a mileage run last week and got paid .39 a mile. But in the contract it says first year is 70% witch is like .54 cents a mile. Did a 2 day team run this week. So maybe I'll wait to see what the pay rate is for that on the next check
  4. greengrenades

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    I never could find it either. I was making 75 cents then dropped me down to 38 cents. They said it was because I was in progression. This is what we were told by our local, however I don't see any language on it what so ever. I love how it takes months to get anything fixed but it takes a week to take something away and the union just throws their hands up.
  5. SnowCitizen

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    It is covered under article 43. It says "Mileage Rate in Effect on August 1, 2002". The mileage rates in effect in 2002 were Single 54.52 Double 55.72 Triple 56.91.
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  6. MoarTape

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    It sucks. The mileage is still based on the 2002 rate. The good thing is that it's still on a three year progression, so you'll be top rate for mileage a year before you hit the hourly top rate.
  7. Insaneasylum

    Insaneasylum Active Member

    Ok that's what I didn't understand. But good to hear that it is still the 3 year progression
  8. deeznutz

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    Read the whole Article 43...turn the page. You are getting screwed!!!!