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    I'm a new employee (3 weeks) in package sort. My sup told me right off the bat that "misloads are very bad. Do not misload!" And I understand, because if a package goes to the wrong place and arrives late, we may have lost a customer. But careful as I tried to be, I MISLOADED :angry:! My sup caught me just after I clocked in and told me I had a misload the previous week and, "I hope this isn't a sign of things to come." Well, I probably didn't meet pph that night but the mistake was in my head and I was being really careful.

    I know misloads aren't acceptable. But does a statement like that mean that all the others in my area never have misloads? I was afraid to ask anyone because I didn't want them knowing I was the guilty party when my sup told us before the end of break that one of the misloads was ours.
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    No matter how good of a loader you are you will misload
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    Do a search of this topic.There are many discussions regarding this.
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    nobody's Perfekt!
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    At 3 weeks, he's saying that in hopes of "training you before you learn to :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: up", as I was told earlier this week. Just wait about 2 more weeks and he'll leave you alone. I've gone 5 weeks with 1 misload, but I only started 5 weeks ago. Just pace yourself, killing yourself as far as speed goes just to TRYand make them happy aint worth it. Do your job, do it right and you'll be fine. No Speedy Gonzales.
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    So you were the guy that had the misload.....:happy-very:

    I saw it flash across the national news wire but thought it was made up...
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    You beat me to it Tie....Although he could be working in 2 areas! :happy-very:
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    It was big news up here in Canada...TwiliteGuy..
    misloads package... no coffee and donuts friday
    you bastard,dont EVER do that again:)
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    I'm glad service failures are such amusing topics to the same people who run around draped in a UPS cloak and have their entire house painted in brown.
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    Griff buddy,you know as well as the rest of us that moving a zillion packages every day,there will be mistakes made and when you generalize about who reads this forum you assume that or think that,we all have suits on.Well that is far from the truth,and I'm sure that there must be more to it and I'm sure that you must have some redeeming facets to your personality.You may be a nice fella at home,but you sure come across in the bc as a know it all union ballbuster .
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    I have misloads on my truck EVERY day. Apparently, its no big deal because no one ever gets issued a warning letter or anything like we used to get just for missing our stop counts by plus or minus 5. As long as they can see the Wall St. bunny, they dont care.
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    Lighten up.
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    Or as management likes to say: Tighten up
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    You NEED to talk to other loaders because this happens ALL the time. Like the other driver said, there are misloads in trucks EVERY day. The supervisor is just trying to get you to understand that misloads, while inevitable on some scale at some time, are not good. And at least you care about them. Good luck.
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    Misload all ya want, just put my airs where I can find them...
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    If we assume for the sake of argument that you personally load 5000 packages per week, and you do your job 99.99% perfectly, that means two things;
    (a) you will still average one misload per week
    (b) you are a far better loader than your supervisor ever was
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    My poor friend has a two by four imbedded up his rectum that keeps him from smiling or laughing unless he is doing something to the company.:happy-very:
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    Every time I find misloads they tell me to deliver them "on the way in."
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