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  1. dilligaf

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    We have been getting our chops busted nearly every day because of so called 'missed scans'. We get a report nearly everyday on who missed a scan. Its not during the PCM though. We get them in our boxes. It lists the drivers and number of missed scans. We have to have the cnee sign off that the pkgs were rcvd.

    On Monday I was covering a rte and this report was in the rte box and it stated the driver had 3 missed scans. Funny things is though, those 3 missed scans were in the load to be delivered Mon. There was no service cross on the pkgs, no initials from the clerk, no nothing.

    This got me to thinking. Where did these missed scans come from? The only thing I can come up with is they were left in the building Fri and the company is turning this into a driver fault. I have a huge problem with this. If I mis-scan a pkg then it is my mistake but I don't agree with taking a hit on a miss because the pkg was left in the center or was some where other than in my truck to be del.

    Anyone else running into this?
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    I have mentioned this before. If you have 2 Mary Kay boxes strapped together the bottom box will always have a different trk. #.
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    A supervisor goes on your car during the pre-load and scans roughly 100-125 packages.

    The computer looks for those tracking numbers after you punch out.

    Drivers have been getting busted for hiding missed pieces by throwing them on the belt at the end of day.

    I had one show up a while back, found out the sup had scanned a “double label”. The “missed” tracking number showed up as being delivered a couple weeks earlier in another city.

    If you're sure you scanned everything, track the one you "missed".
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    I had this happen to me several months but this has a bit of a twist to it. I was dispatched light and asked by my on-car to "go find" one of our other city drivers who was dispatched heavy and help him. No problem, happens all the time (both ways). Anyway, I find Eddie and he gives me a residential section (15-20 stops) but we don't link our DIADs. Long story short, I was asked about a missed scan for that residential section. Turns out Eddie forgot to give me a pkg and he decided to hide it in his pickups and they just happened to do a turn in audit on his pkg car. Sad part is he was within 1/4 mile of that stop as he was doing his pickups. He insisted that he had given me that pkg and was surprised that I had "blown off" that stop. I hope he enjoyed his unpaid day off.
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    Missed scans can also occur when pkgs are forecast to be in the center but are not. I have tracked pkgs on the missed scan list only to either show them as being "in transit". I tracked one "missed scan" and it showed that it had been delivered 2 years ago so I dismiss the missed scan report.

    The best advice I can give is scan everything on the car.
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    I always scan everything and rarely ever have a missed scan. The 3 that were missed scans this week weren't my misses. I thought it curious that they were on the truck for del on Mon. 2 of the pkgs were to a business that is closed on Fri and not loaded. This same business is right across the street from the center. It seemed strange at the time.
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    You cant be disciplined for not scanning a package that was never loaded into your truck in the first place.

    We have the same deal here, and when I get the little report in my mailslot I throw it away. Its just a piece of paper. It doesnt mean anything.
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    Simple. Pkg misloaded. Driver with misloaded pkg buries it in PU pkgs. Not uncommon. Won't get your job back (at least here) when you are caught.
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    No missed scans when you are on EDD. It will tell you exactly how many boxes for one stop. The only problem is when you can't find that last package for that one stop anywhere in your truck, you mark it on the DIAD as "not found" and then find it when the truck starts emptying out. Another stop you have to go back to.
  10. atatbl

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    Not true. This is very much an issue with EDD in place. Again, misloads are the most common time for drivers to get caught doing this. Also, in your case Helen, let us use your situation. Except, instead of you being the driver it will be one that doesn't care about customer service. He/she does not feel like double stopping. Instead, buries in PUs.
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    That is commonly known as a blend again.
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    Wow...you bailed him out and then he tried to blame a missed piece on you? Eddie deserves to be taken out behind the wood shed for that one. I'll bet you'll be a little less likely to go bail him out again should the situation arise and I wouldn't blame you one bit.
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    We have a driver in our building that misses scans on every route he does. In the morning, before the PCM, we all look at the miss scans sheets and ask each other if so and so, the offending driver, did our route the day before, LOL. He is also the driver with the most driver follow ups, but never seems to get punished for DR'ing pkgs at businesses or bad area apartments.

    Here's a hint to help you guys/gals that don't really have the pkgs. Send a message to the clerk/supe in charge of the missed scans. Tell him/her about the missing pkg (street address) and CYA. If you find the pkg and deliver later, fine. If you don't find the pkg, at least you informed the proper people it was missing.
  15. LIGUSA

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    We have been having them also. The one I "missed" the other day was out of sync and loaded on another route. The package was put in that evening by a clerk as a missort, but since it did not have a DIAD scan it showed up on the report that I missed it. Should the driver it was misloaded on have recorded it as missed?
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    Yes. And no. Here is the dilemma; and why some of our brethren choose to risk their jobs for something so stupid. You know what to do with a misload. You call/message the center. What are they going to say? Nine times out of ten it will be "deliver it". If that isn't the exact request, the answer will still be some kind of inconvenience for you (i.e. meet with Driver X at this location). I guess if Vida Guerra is your date that specific evening, it may be worth not calling it in and burying it (I know from experience and she was worth it). If you don't have a date with her just call it in and sleep well that night.
  17. DS

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    You guys are missing the biggest missed scan reason...some packages have 6 tracking labels on them from being reused,the sorters are pushed to go fast so they dont have time to care which one is the right one.
    I scan every goddam label on every box and I HATE the diad 4 .I must have to key enter about 40 boxes a day when they wont scan.
  18. LIGUSA

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    The packages at times are loaded on routes in different centers. So arranging a meet point or delivering it would not be ideal due to the distance. This could be 30 miles away or more. The answer you get is different. At times you are told not to record and give to clerk. Other times you are told to record as "not in" or "closed". Sometimes you are told to record as "bad address" since the address on package is out of sync with the PAL. Management would have false information recorded on a package than it be sheeted as missed. Sad we can't have a report on them.
  19. atatbl

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    Honestly that isn't really a problem where I'm at. Maybe our bigger shippers just don't risk it or something. I can see how a big account reusing boxes and not removing labels could hurt an operation.
  20. BigBrownSanta

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    They've been doing scan checks here also. I used to pull misloads off in the morning before leaving the building, but I recently found out that if the driver I give it to doesn't scan it, it will come back to me. That probably won't happen, but I like to be safe rather than sorry.

    So, I no longer check for misloads in the morning. I wait until I get to them in sequence and send a message in, then I immediately sheet them as missed. If someone comes to get them, I will delete the missed status. If not, they stay as missed. I am very rarely told to deliver misloads.