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    Well actually i'm missing one hour of my paycheck dated 08/08/15, the week ending 08/01/15 i was missing about an hour. someone adjusted my timecard on 2 days that i had started early to work, when i saw this i told them and they added to the check of 08/08/15 but this check was also missing an hour because someone code an hour lunch on a day i only worked 6 hours w/o lunch, on the next week the hour was missing again, so i talked to the manager and he said he will fix it, then this week the manager told me i was already paid for the hour but is not truth, Im wonder who should I spoke to about this.

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    Talk to Stewart
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  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You need to file a grievance. They will then pull your payroll records and match them against the operations report. You should receive penalty pay in addition to the hour of pay.
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  4. Jordan8021

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    Does it make you feel big when you say talk to stewart?
  5. upschuck

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    Steward probably won't be able to do anything because it is not "timely". Doesn't hurt to ask, though. Here, you have 5 business day to file grievance or it is thrown out.

    If they messed up again this week, and you file, they can go back 90 days, and reclaim the hours not paid.
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    Call your local union office and ask to speak to your business agent. Since you were letting your management team know of the shortage early on I see no need for a grievance. Let your business agent know of all the people in management you spoke with. They should be able to make a payroll adjustment and have it added to a future check.
  7. Jackburton

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    He tried talking, only thing it got him was an accusation that he didn't know what the hell he was talking about. If it isn't on paper, it never happened.
  8. Siveriano

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    Well for what is worth, the guys that do the PM job at the center showed me that he put the request for the adjustment but it was not approved
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    Since everyone has caught on to his fake authority he is now trying to be funny. Haha, there you go. You got your laugh.