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    Has it ever been lower? Could it sink even deeper? As Fred pleads for one more stop per hour like Jerry Lewis seeking one more dollar on Labor Day, he is doing everything he can to slash your hours, eliminate your job, and keep you in the poorhouse. He is not your buddy.

    I say it's time for a major outbreak of the Purple Flu. Why not? It's time to send Mr. Big a message that will get his attention. Perhaps the "Swine Flu" will target FedEx instead of some other parcel carriers this year.
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    I wonder how management will spin the next earnings report? You know they have to cry poverty even in the best of times like in 2007 when the company was making record profits.


    No kidding...and I feel achey on Tuesdays.
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    I read today that their projection for the first quarter was raised to .58 from .30 because of international shipments. That is quite a jump!
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    One thing I know is that a lot of my coworkers are hoping this RLA change happens, that seems to be shining some kind of light at the end of the dark tunnel. I wish all employees could join together and make a statement as Mr. Fedex suggests. The problem right now is that two many employees fear for their jobs and have no recourse other than a judge/jury/and executioner local management system.
  6. Brown287

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    Unfortunately its actions like that, that will be needed for you guys to be given the respect that you deserve. However untill the Ground drivers join your ranks Fred will only shrug and laugh. This is exactly why now more than ever you guys need to stand strong and make Fed-Ex management hear you guys loud and clear.
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    Have you paid attention to the way they talk about ground around here? And you want us to stand with them when the axe falls? Not likely.
  8. Brown287

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    They will gladdley stand with the indivisual Ground drivers, the contractors though would be a different story. Both Express and Ground drivers are just trying to provide a living for themselves. There might be a little bit of infighting but for the most part they both see that Fed-ex views them as expendable. The contractors for the most part are just opportunistic in the way they treat thier drivers. Bbsam you may be different but from what Ive read I dont believe so. Contractors and Fed-Ex wouldnt stand a chance if thier drivers were to stand togethor and fight for a "Fair days pay, for a fair days work". You say your just making a buck, and you are right but when the drivers shut you down with a work stoppage they will just be making your life misserable!
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    Interesting theory with interesting spelling. Let me explain the fallacy. I need them. They need the job. Some of them I could do without and spread the money to the others. Nothing like good old self interest to keep people in line, eh?
  10. Brown287

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    First I would like to start off by pointing out that I never claimed to be a spelling genious, with that said you are right in regards to the drivers needing jobs and you needing drivers. That is my point, but thank you for making it for me. Drivers are needed at all times, unfortunately these tough economic times have allowed contractors to use that against the driver. This is exactly the kind of abuse that led to work rules being established in the early part of the 20th century. The abuse they take only flys now due to the contractor model that excludes them from any of the protections awarded to any other true employee in the U.S.. The trade off is low morale, unproductive drivers, and general content for the company in which they are delivering packages for. Injoy this why you can, at some point it will fail either from outside the company or within the company.
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    What you are saying is that at sometime in the future labor costs will increase. Ok, so what? My argument is that all drivers are not worth the same pay, so why pay the same? Why pay the same for a low morale job hating check taker as a thoughtful hard working and safe driver? And can you imagine the teamsters trying to organize the drivers of 5000 separate contractors? Obviously, the contractors are the linch-pin to organizing Ground and demonizing them does not help the teamsters cause.
  12. Brown287

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    Cost will go up but not due to some new and expensive way of doing buisness, but to the fact that at some point Fed-Ex will be forced to pick up the tab for all of the unpaid taxes and charges occured by normal employees. Express is losing money faster then that quick talking pitch man in the commercials in the 80's, so what are they gonna do you ask? They are gonna start squeezing the only part of the company that has true positive cash flow, and thats YOU! So when your opperating margin begins to look bleak your going to have no choice but to either pay your employees even less, if thats even possible, or your gonna do what most will probably do and thats close up shop. You see Bbsam at this point you think your part of the Fed-Ex team but in actuallity your nothing more then a means to an end. I was informed this very day that in fact all contractors are having thier daily vehicle pay cut, its just the beginning. Dont worry maybe someone will hire you and show you the same kind of gratitude that you show your employees. I'll say it a head of time for you, "why Bbsam what did you expect, this job is just meant for someone to supplement thier income, sorry I cant pay you anymore".
  13. bbsam

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    Fear. Is that all you have to spread? Check your sources. They are lacking in facts.
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    I have a quick question. I wanted to apply for a FedEx position where I live and they have two positions that they are looking to fill. Which one should I apply for:

    Handler/Dot or

    Permanent Part Time Handler/Non-Dot

    Also from these two positions which one do you think is better overall?

  15. Slobberman

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    handle /DOT because you get to drive a truck!


    True, true..but you don't get any extra for it!
  17. Slobberman

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    Ah,but wont the DOT make it easier to become a courier?
  18. quest01

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    The only problem I have with the two positions I may apply for is that one says permanent part time handler/non Dot while the other says Handler/Dot. I don't want to end up applying for the position if its only seasonal work.

    Also as the name implies, would Handler/Dot mean I would start as a handler then work my way up to a driver? Is that how it works at FedEx?

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    Unless Express has made recent changes to its hiring practices (doubtful), all positions are either permanent part or full time. The background checks necessary for a position rule out the use of seasonal labor after the post 9/11 changes. If they are advertising positions right now, they are definately permanent status positions. Since you stated these positions are posted on the FedEx website, you might as well post a link so that we can take a look at what is being offered and can comment better.

    There are handler positions open in Texas, Oregon, Kansas, Arkansas, Michigan and Colorado right now. They are all part-time positions (permanent). Looks like $12.23 is the starting wage...

    Fillout the application online, and have your job history and residences for the past 10 years accurate. You'll be entered into the pool at the location you apply for and will be called for a cattle call session with the regional personnel rep to complete the paperwork. You may be asked to complete a personality assessment at this time.

    Depending on how many people applied, you'll be called into an interview with 2 managers at the location that is hiring. It is a 30-45 minute interview. They're not looking for MBA's, but rather someone they believe can do the job and will not cause problems regarding attendance, punctuality and theft of packages. Upon successful completion of the interview, you'll be given "tenative" offer of employment. The offer is tenative pending successful background checks and drug screeening. If you've done any illegal or prescription drug use (without personal prescription) they will find it and you will be disqualified. Withhold no information regarding this issue.

    Once you are in the pool, you may be called in a matter of days or months for employment. In the past, Express liked to maintain a pool of prospective employees that would suffice for 3-4 months of normal turnover. Now, they are hiring almost immediately upon successful completion of the background and drug screening.

    You will be locked into the location you are hired into for a minimum of 12 months. You can apply for positions at that location that open up, but not positions at other locations. Make sure that you can work the shifts that are offered to you with no conflicts with other obligations. Habitual lateness in your first 90 days can result in warning letters being issued. If too many lates accumulate (percentage of days late to total days worked) you will be let go (fired). If you have a conflict with scheduling or don't have reliable transportation to get to the job it is best to turn it down.

    If you are looking to get in at a particular station, try to talk to someone who works at that station to see what the turnover is like and if a position will be opened to the street for recruitment. Handlers are hired off the street 98% of the time, so you don't need to worry about an internal transfer to a handler position.

    After you've been at a location for 12 months, generally you are allowed to apply for positions outside that location if your performance review is decent. Being a handler isn't fun, but if you need the work, it beats unemployment.