More MSNBC mania

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by av8torntn, Jul 20, 2011.

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    av8torntn, This should not go unnoticed but it will. The left wing media should be held responsible for all the misinformation they continue to push through to us on a daily basis. This will not happen because there are too many morons to support them and too many twisted others who lead them to their own demise in the name of liberalism................
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    OK, I'm good!
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    Speechless huh?
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    My first thought was....does she have a degree in economics or just one in looking good on camera ?
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    We know we know.... they get a pass because of who they are....
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    Matthews thinks he's Churchill
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    It was only a matter of time before the Liberal lapdog media that stumps for the Messiah would do this. We know they do this all the time but this is really low. One of the best Obama leg humpers threw out the race card...yes it was MSNBC...are we suprised? The latest is from Ed Schultz who edited words said by Rick Perry and tried to label him as a racist. Of course the proof is out there and Ed Schultz and MSNBC look like idiots. Now the good news is that only a few most likely saw this and are already Obama kool-aid drinkers so it does not matter anyways.

    Ed Schultz Edits Rick Perry to Falsely Accuse Him of Making Racist Remark About Obama

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