Most Stops At Peak?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by browniehound, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. browniehound

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    I was just curious if anyone knows what the record is for a driver-helper team for the most stops ever completed in a day. Not talking about in a certain amount of hours. Let's just say the only criteria is 1 driver and 1 helper in 1 day. Does anyone know the anwser to this? One year I did 310 stops but my helper got "sick" and left me at 5pm and I also had to break for 30 minutes to do 4 pick-ups. Otherwise I think I could have done close to 370 if I had my helper all day, no pickups and strictly residential deliveries. Is there anyone here that has broken the 400 mark? If so, congrats in advance:wink:
  2. local804

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    I guess it is safe to say that all safety methods were followed and every package was out of sight and out of weather. It looks to me like someone has to slow down a tad and think about his/her body and other drivers on the road.
    Please, Lets be serious.
  3. Anon

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    We had a driver hit 425 one day quite a few years ago with 2 helpers.
  4. EAM_Master

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    323.....Peak of 2000. No pickups, no lunch.
  5. 324 haha

    just kidding
  6. honestly.. once they tied me into the back of an open slow moving feeder and i chucked boxes at houses and we never stopped rolling.. someone scanning em handing em to me. i would then kick or throw them to the house.

    we did 4,200 that day.
  7. browndude

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    no offense dude but that is one record i dont give a damn about having!!
  8. over9five

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    I'm beat. 74 stops today. When will it end????
  9. ragu

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    Once I get my passenger door sling-shot up and running I should be able to bang out close to 500
  10. scratch

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    I did about 320 with a Helper about fifteen years ago and brought back about sixty missed that night. This was in a "brick loaded" P600, I clocked out about 10:30 that night. That was a nightmare I try to forget. I don't miss those Swiss Colony and Wisconsin Cheeseman packages one bit.

    The most I have done this Peak was 219 yesterday. I had 200 today and the last one came off at 5:00. Thats what I consider to be a good Peak day..........done with the sun still up!:wink:
  11. VoiceOfReason

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    I saw 394 get off by one driver and one off the street helper in a brick loaded all resi 12 cube and he punched out at 11.33 hours. It would have been over 400 but he was missing some stops.
  12. pkgdriver

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    Peak 87, P-800, 397 stops 95% resi ,60 of the stops were brought out later in day, 1/2 hr lunch, about 75 miles driven,lots of cheese.

    I was the helper, started at 930am on road and got about 1/2 hr o/t that day. I was about as familiar with the area as the driver. So i did some sorting/sheeting as we were driving. Kids.... we DONT do that now a days.
  13. soflaupsguy

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    last year in south fla we had a brutal peak. my helper and i del 425 about 50 were business, plus 20ish pick ups and around 100 miles.

    the same day another driver with no p/u did 450 deliveries

    almost every yr we have a driver with 400+ stops
  14. outta hours

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    I'm with you 9.5 I had 79 today. Stop the madness.
  15. jlphotog

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    106 del's and 11 pu's today. My best yet. And I spent an hour and a half waiting for a tow truck as I was stuck in the snow.

    Had 30+ stops sheeted as non deliveries due to emergency conditions. The side streets around here are covered with about six inches of snow and under that snow is solid ice. Not fun driving.

    I can hardly wait for tomorrow as I will have all my regular stuff along with those 30+ missed from today.
  16. rod

    rod retired and happy

    We had a driver years ago that was fired (after peak) because they found out he had been eating more cheese than he was delivering. He told me later that he only ate the cheese that was addressed to the loser (off the beaten trail) stops. :taz:
  17. brown_bus_rydah

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    last year as a driver helper, the driver and I had 400 + stops per day for 4 days in a row and were going for 2000 stops in one week on friday... in Ruby Hills, Pleasanton California which included a few wineries and a water treatment facility..
  18. Channahon

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    Find someone who works in IE. Coprorate use to track these numbers and use to have a "book of records"

    Back in the 80's as an on car sup I had a driver deliver 499 with a helper. All residential, no pick ups
  19. schoonerman

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    Wow! Some of you guys are amazing! Must have some incredibly dense residential delivery areas, kickass helpers or both! My best, about 20 years ago, was about 350 and I had an awesome helper! He was a laid off GM worker and the guy worked his ass off! Good times.
  20. disneyworld

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    "Oh the Humanity"