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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by airbusfxr, Jun 19, 2009.

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    The company and union has agreed on a voluntary MOU to keep the layed off employees working. The company and union has asked aircraft mechanics to either quit, work less hours, take unpaid leave, share hours, etc etc because the company cannot figure out how the lay off clause in the 2001 contract meaning and intend works. How can a company ask people that have worked for 4 years without a contract, raise, pension, health care, etc etc to give back when we are working massive overtime just to keep NDA flying out of SDF. The MOU is on the website and I will try to get the whole MOU but reading it just makes me sick. I cannot understand why this company would risk safety of the general public to "step over a dollar to pick up a penny" while people are working ot just to keep aircraft moving.
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    This sounds made up to me.UPS doesnt operate like this.Source?Sounds like a work to me.

  3. unionman

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    I see no harm in taking some time off to save a union brothers job. I am volunteering this year and the next. It has nothing to do with the contract and monies we are owed.
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    Did you bother to read his post? He gave the source.
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    It seems that the answer to your question is in the first paragraph of the MOU. It says its "to avoid as many layoffs as possible."

    This is not a unilateral memo. It was agreed to by BOTH UPS and the Airline division of the IBT.

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    I cannot afford to take a month off due to kids in college, house payments, etc, but if you can take a month or two off without pay than that will help. The mechanics in SDF couldnt go 2 weeks on an OT ban and I will bet not one will retire until we get a contract. The MOU can only be at large gateways because if a guy at a small gateway takes time off there will be no one there to cover the aircraft unless it is ot or TDY. I give the union and company credit but as of this week the company owes me approx 24k in retro pay. Go ahead and sign up but my wife and kids have voted for me to continue getting a weekly check. Joe Darmento would have already had me a contract and a retro check but Mr Bob Companybine has done little for the membership except to reduce it. He sit around a let the company rake in record profits on my back and when it is time to share profits the company cries broke after paying Grade 20s record wages. The company has held us hostage and until we can elect an E-Board from professional Teamsters instead of SDF "good ole boys" we will all pay for this mistake.
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    Airbusfxr.... When did your contract expire? What is the hold up? And is there any progress on a new contract? You guys are going to get one hell of a retroactive check whenever you ratify it....
  8. tieguy

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    your response may cause someone to be layed off?
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    Negative, noone will get laid off because of him. UPS has chosen to lay off mechanics and send our work to china and cologn germany. IT IS NOT THE UNIONS FAULT OR ANY MEMBER OF THIS UNION THAT ANYONE IS GETTING LAID OFF. UPS HAS PLENTY OF WORK THEY CAN BRING TO THE UNITED STATES TO KEEP THEIR PEOPLE EMPLOYED. THEY CHOOSE NOT TO. UPS IS TO BLAME.
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    I understand you feel that way however your union leadership has hammered out an agreement to help keep mechanics from getting laid off. Your response appeared to indicate you would not abide by the agreement. Thus the question are you not therefore subjecting some junior mechanic to layoff with your actions?
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    It's always UPS's fault ... we knew that!
    But since you work for UPS, your saying that could cause someone to be laid off and it would still be UPS's fault. Life is good.
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    ummmmmm ok?
  13. Monkey Butt

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    I knew you would agree.
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    It continues to amaze me that people just don't want to face the reality of where the economy really is at. I can only say that it sounds to me that UPS is doing everything in it's power to minimize the pain to any of it's employees, both union and non-union. If they did not continue to take the actions they are taking, then you could see another GM or Chrysler. Nobody is safe from going under in this mess!!

    As for the mechanics, I have a great deal of respect for these guys but for the union and company to go four years without an agreement is like playing poker. As time goes on, the chance of economic conditions changing are obviously great. If UPS continued to grow and prosper than the union would expect to get more out of them. Because the climate has changed, the union leadership can't possibly expect to get what they were probably already offered. It is also unwise to make a statement that you guys will get a large retro check in the end. There are no guarantees of anything.

    I'm just glad I'm retired and don't have to worry about these things anymore. Just as everyone else is suffering so am I. I lost large amounts of money in my 401k and in stock value and to top it off, my pension never goes up a penny for the rest of my life. Nobody likes to work without a raise, however it's better than the alternative.

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    The company wants me to pay the junior mechanics to keep their airplanes flying. How many drivers would take one week a month off for 2 years without pay? How many sups would take one week off a month without pay for 2 years? The company can keep these people working by just going by the 4 year old expired contract and let us do the work instead of violating the contract. The pilots MOU passed but it was 10 Million bucks short but the company did not have enough md11 and 747-4 people trained to actually lay off 300 pilots at this time. The company is asking mechanics to take a 25% pay cut to help THE COMPANY out not the people that they are trying to layoff.
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    Do you remember the 1992 Presidential campaign. Everytime anyone mentioned anything James Carvelle would say "It's the economy Stupid!"
  17. airbusfxr

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    Go to local2727 and read for yourself. Tell me how many drivers, porters, loaders, mechanics, sup, mgrs, grade 20s would enlist. Well 40% of the pilots, which are the highest paid hourlys, signed up and the were 10 million short. Lets take a poll and see what you think.
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    The MOU is a joke! First step was to put fear in the membership with layoffs, then offer a MOU to break our will. Next will be consessions and nobody will get their jobs back. Its pretty clear that our Union leadership is overmatched and will accept any snake oil the company wants to sell.
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    The company is asking us to pay for aircraft maintenace on their airplanes. We have made money for UPS when times were good and without a contract, now when the economy is down we are asked to help the company even more. The mechanics are the only work group at UPS without a valid contract and we provide a valuable service to our customers and now UPS is taking more from the group that has given the most over the last 21 years. An unblemished safety record the envy of the airline industry paid for by the employees, SAD.
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    I know that you guys are not allowed to strike but somebody has to step in and get you guys a contract. Can't a senator or a congressman step in and put pressure on the company???? I didn't realize you guys have been working for over 4 years without a contract. Thats just unreal and unexcuseable!!!!