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  1. Today we got a message on our pads saying , we must pick up all ground package from drop boxes and give to csa's. How bout that. For some reason it totally :censored2: me off. I feel like im in between working for a contractor and a company that under pays cause of some fluke in the laws. but im to pick up a package that they dont really own and that I really am no part of. Weird:greedy:
    ​Can someone please help us!
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    They have figured there is no more money to squeeze from us so now on to ground.+
    Probably many complaints of ground packages not picked up in drop boxes cause everyone lets them rot there. If they read the instructions on the box they'd know not to leave it there.
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    We got a large nationwide account last year and were told that the company didn't want to have to call in their pickups so when we're there making our daily delivery, we have to pick up whatever packages they have, be it express or ground. 75% of the stuff they're sending out is ground so we're doing all the work but they're getting paid for it.

    We've also always had to swipe ground stuff at drop boxes. At the end of the day, there is a skid full of ground stuff at the station. A ground driver comes by and picks it up and he gets paid for every package that is there for doing essentially nothing!
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    And like it.
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    Since we are airline employees (rla BS), those ground pkgs that we are now forced to touch don't travel on a plane. Trucked only. Can someone start to get together and get a union in here already
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    This is one case where I would ignore WAD and just leave the Ground packages in the DB to rot. As some else said, FedEx is happy to have an Express courier pickup the package at no additional cost and take the extra profit that would have gone to the ISP/Contractor. As RLA-governed employees of an airline (their language, not mine), we shouldn't be touching Ground freight. Fred needs to provide Ground DBs for his Ground packages. This would be great, because then the already confused customers would have an added layer of confusion.

    Leave them in the box, or throw them on your truck and give them to the Ground driver when you see them...maybe in 2 or 3 days.
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    Terminated for insubordination.
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    Probably not. Pretty tough to prove you left it in the DB for a few days. It's interesting that Ground and Express operations are supposed to be separate. Remember, we are RLA airline employees over here and we shouldn't be interacting with NLRB packages. FedEx will say that it's OK because Ground packages never see an airport (another lie), but why should we do your work for you?
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    The 'extra profit' is so insignificant that it isn't worth discussing. No one helps us out. My drivers have to make a second trip back to the terminal because stuff won't fit in truck... It costs $18 to make this trip back to the terminal and back out (toll costs $9.00 each way per truck). Mgmt makes it clear that if the boxes remain (and I quote directly) "they will be recorded as DNA and documented as 'delivery failure' "which will cost you your business"..
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    Never pick up ground boxes. Kindly explain the difference. They simply say "no one has explained that to me before." I also explain the scam to them. They say "so (insert grnd drvr name) doesn't get overtime, health benefits or any type of retirement." It's all about educating. Do they not ship ground because of this. No I doubt it but the more they relay the scam on.
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    I'm still for installing a huge network of Ground-only DBs. Watch chaos ensue, and then have the San Salvador Call Center straighten it all out.
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    First we have to explain to the San Salvador call center what drop box is.
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    We got that speech from the SM about a month ago, must pick up ground packages in the DB, and scan them. He said "the customer expects this service". No, I told the SM, the customer expects same day pick up (ala Express) while paying ground rates. Sm disagreed with me on that!
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    If they are going to separate us out where profit is involved IE; "We can't give you a decent raise because the Express opco is not as profitable as expected." then I see no reason why we should be using Express personnel and equipment to move ground freight. Either we are all in this together or not. You can't have it both ways Fred.

    If my manager makes me pick up ground pkgs at threat of termination then I will. I will also make sure some of them get damaged before it arrives at my station. And yes I have been around long enough to do it without external damage.
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    This is another case of FedEx wanting more work for less pay. Eventually, I can see the day where the Express courier who isn't "busy enough" on the PM gets dispatched to pickup the Ground, OR grabbing both at the regular stop, not necessarily scanning the Ground, but tossing it in the truck, since you're "already there". Think it can't happen? For the last year or so, Express dispatchers have been moving over to Ground after being recruited to do so. This would be a huge issue with the contractors/ISPs because that means revenue lost to them, but the AWB systems are now semi-compatible, and Fred could use the excuse that Ground is overwhelmed with delivery volume, and that "excess" Express personnel could be utilized to do some Ground PUPS. More flexibility, fewer new Ground drivers needed, and more productivity from the Express courier. Perhaps bbsam can fill us in on whether or not Ground contractors have their outbound volume protected from a scenario like the one I've just described. Even if you don't have to scan the packages, handling them saves Fred money and also prevents him from having to pay that revenue to the Ground ISP. Just bringing them to the building saves Fred money.

    This is where it could go, and that's why you need to refuse Ground now and draw the line in the sand. Let it rot in the box, or better yet, grab it, don't scan it, and toss it in a dumpster. Eff these bastards.
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    Ground picks up a a lot of disturbingly heavy stuff. I get mad when the shipper has more than one letter.
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    hmm, i wondered what happened to that field-test where express & ground shared the same location for their dropboxes...