Must Tieguy put his 2 cents in every thread

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by steward, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. steward

    steward Guest

    For the love of god, You dont know everything.
    Let a few go by.
  2. tieguy

    tieguy Guest

    Sorry dude, didn't know there was a limit on posts. I had this strange idea that this was one of those boards where everyone throws their opinion in on subjects. My bad.
  3. over9five

    over9five Guest

    I welcome tieguys posts. I dont usually agree with him, but he writes well, and is happy to share his opinion!
  4. kidlogic

    kidlogic Guest

    Not true!!! many of his post arent worth 2 cents hehehhee...let him talk ...he makes me[​IMG]
  5. vgpa

    vgpa Guest

    Looks like you have a fan club, tieguy! I laugh at some of your posts also. [​IMG]
  6. tieguy

    tieguy Guest

    Thanks I think. Seriously though I don't understand the post , message boards are for debating the issues. The fact that I respond to a post does not mean I think I own the subject.
  7. peacock71

    peacock71 Guest

    I suggest we refrain (except on WPC thread) from criticising people for their posting habits. All opinions are welcome for me. Debates on UPS issues are excellent here as well. I don't want this to become another YAHOO board, and the people on it sink to the level of that cesspool.

    Go UPS!
  8. feederdryver

    feederdryver Guest

    too late...
  9. proups

    proups Guest

    feederdryver....I disagree. This board is a good forum to get everyone's opinion. In order to be a global team, we each must know what the other is thinking. It may enlighten you to another way of thinking!