My boss... what a guy!

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    we had a manager that was harassing an hour worker. even went as far as showing up at her house. that's when ups final took action. We were told he had been fired. about a year later i see him getting off ups plane that we were about to offload on midnight sort. he had some meeting he was to attend. Come to find out he had not been fired, but moved to louisville
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    EXACT same thing happened here. Sup harassing female driver, showing up drunk at her home, etc.
    She filed a complaint, UPS tells us they fired him.
    Couple months later, a Feeder driver sees him working down on the Cape.
    The Zero Tolerance policy only applies to hourlys.
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    Typical UPS doublestandard. The female driver should have used a baseball bat on the sup. The fact that he was drunk would have made getting away with busting that person up real easy.:wink2:
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    There seems to be a trend in guarding managers who are immoral/dishonest.
    I know of a Feeder Division Manager that got caught juggling drivers hours to conceal some feeder drivers who had gone over 60.
    It wouldn't have been so bad but he lied about it. They escorted him to the gate. Short time later he was working at a hub 3 hours away. Last I heard he was transfered to yet another hub.
    If an hourly did the same thing they would be fired.
    How does that work?
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    They read Cardinal Bernard Law's book maybe??? :angry:
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    Ya know, covemaster, I was gonna post yesterday in response to this thread " Gee , the vatican must be running the human resources dept. at ups" but I abstained lest I offended some catholics. Thank you for posting as I didn't have the testicular fortitude to do so.
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    who is this? we here @ sdf would love to know.

    this is ups sdf sop, i can think of two cases ( scratch that, three cases) right off the top of my head (each one having a cute to tragic little twist involved). if i can name three situations, there has to be alot more. i really don't think we need to be importing them from other facilities.
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    Some of my best friends are Catholics but I just love razzing them about the alterboy problem. They used to comeback with "there are always a FEW bad apples blah blah blah" but it seems everyday you read about some other Parish hiding their "little secret". Really sad:dissapointed:
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    I used to ask my priest why he never sexually abused me. Wasn't I cute enough???

    No sense of humor at all.....
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    Well I'm a Catholic & I can take the heat Pickup
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    You don't get enough abuse from UPS ?????
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    ************** and many others know what really happened, and ignored it until the law stepped in. Another example of WORMA being run like gitmo.
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    My guess is you were the one throwing feces at the guards. :wink2:
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    They have water boarding there?
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    Don't worry. Pelosi and Obama are on top of it!
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    no names? sorry, didn't know.
    I was a bystander, but i got eyes & ears.
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    It says in the article that UPS retaliates againgst employees who complain.

    Now we know this is NOT true. UPS is the world's most admired company . They would never do anything wrong like retaliation.:surprised:
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