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    It has been a long time since I have posted on these forums, I am now going to start posting again after talking to a driver today who informed me of some of the injustices going on in my former center! I am a former center manager, and now own a large business and teach college classes part time when I am free, I am also working on getting my State Bar admittance! I was informed today that there have been three replacements of my old center manager job since I left in 08, and two have quit with the most current being there only 3 months and already he is ready to leave! What does that tell you about this company? The 2 that quit have both went into fast food ownership, both had 20+ with the company, and as one told me, he saw the direction that UPS is heading, and it is terrible! Management is being asked to lie and doctor numbers now more than ever due to the economy, I have proof of this! Driver be careful and safe, because as long as you stay with UPS you will have a target on your back!