My next attempt at my own business, opinions

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by mojobuc, Dec 8, 2005.

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    Hey ladies and gents.
    need to run something by you guys, and need honest opinions. Since my UPS career fizzled and my small retail store has been Wal-Mart-ed I am contemplating starting a another business and in the process of doing research. So I would like your honest opinions.

    I have 20 plus years in the moving industry, not your typical hole in the wall, break stuff mover, I was really, really good. It was my families business. So we broke stuff, we paid for it.
    I dont want to say I never broke/scratched anything, but it was very rare, overly cautious is what I was accused of by my own father. But he would be on my ... first, loudly, if I screwed up. go figure.
    I do not want to actually 'move' them anymore(physically beat me up over the years), but there may be a market for a 'packing only service'. That is, I would pack the peoples belongings(dishes, knick knacks etcs) into boxes etc and prepare their home to be moved.

    I was also very good at this, since I moved the boxes, knew how the belongings needed to be packed so nothing got broken.

    I do have references from my previous experience, with my wife in real estate at a major office, I would also have some contacts, as well as Ialso help 3 other movers in the area on occasion now.

    My reason for thinking this is:

    -Home insurance rates in our area (Florida) our going thru the roof.

    -Local movers around here now, are GOUGEING these people.
    My wife was telling me a horror story about one of her clients and the company that packed and moved her as far as what she paid.

    -Consensus newspaper opinion's has said there may be a mass exodus of retirees(and others) from this area due to the rising cost of home ownership, and relatively low pay scale.

    -I have lived in this town more then 30 years, and we have a good name from the moving business and furniture store we had.
    So what do you think? Should I attempt it?

    Would any of you, if you were moving, hire someone ( an original 30 year upstanding citizen of the area) for such a service?:confused:1

    thanks for your input.

  2. moreluck

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    Just my opinion, but if I'm hiring a big moving co. like Mayflower, Allied, Atlas, etc, I will just use their packing service.......just ONE big price quote. I wouldn't be looking separately for packers.
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    thanks moreluck

    I appreciate your input.

    I'm guessing your younger, say 30-40 age bracket. So am I and I would move myself, since it is what I have done, but most our age, middle class, probably would.

    Fully scheduled(work, family, a life) or well off youngsters like ourselves, probably would not bother and do what you have suggested.

    This area of Florida though(Brooksville, someone who posts on B.C. parents live here) alot are retired, and I feel they may be the ones moving away. I also posted this on a local board, and the idea cafe business board, with positive response, but not a lot of them.

    Not looking to get rich here, but a feasible business, one that I know and am comfortable with, low start up, low inventory cost, low overhead(no office space, can do from home garage with my pick-up truck/small trailer), AND most importantly flexible working hours so I can continue college and still be available for my kids.

    At least that is the plan.

    Thanks agin for your response.:)

    Happy Holidays!
  4. dannyboy

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    Actually Morelucky is more than twice that!:lol:

    Kid, you have a dream. And you know at least something about that dream. I would go for it.

    But one of the thoughts I have, and moreluck touched on it, most companies do it all. What you might want to do is contact these companies and tell them you will have it ready to load for them. Kinda a sub contractor. They pay you and moreluck pays them. One stop shopping for the customer, and the moving company can do what they do best, move.

    Also, when a moving company gets done delivering, they just leave it in the boxes. There is another half of the process that you have not mentioned.

    As I said, follow your dreams. I did. Not always easy, not always fun, but hey, its a dream that you want. Go for it.

  5. moreluck

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    OK, don't any of you "wise-guys" correct him !! Let him think I'm in the age bracket he mentioned......I can dream, can't I??

    Seriously,Mojo. We moved 2 years ago when I was 56 and we totally moved ourselves, just the two of us and we had no help.....not even with the big stuff. We did our own packing and we rented a big U-Haul and made several trips......only a 17 mile move.......but you still have to pack carefully.

    Anyway, I think we have always been a pair of "work-horses" even though some folks think I have a staff of servants. I think we are the exception and you are right, most retired folks wouldn't even attempt to do it themselves.

    Sounds like your area (Florida) is a special situation and there may be a need for your services more there than in other areas. Remember the line from Risky Business ?? "Sometimes you just gotta say, what the f***"!
    If you feel excited about this venture, then go for it and give it your all!!
  6. mojobuc

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    dannyboy, thanks, appreciate the encouragement.
    I do know at least 3 small movers in the area, that have called me in the recent past to help them out with both actually working the job and packing.
    Didnt think of writing the major companies to sub-contract, but I will. Also, no I didnt think of the unpacking part, my only concern would be the liability part. Would they accuse/blame me for the shoddy work of the packers?
    Need to work on my cutest face, or at least have my son or daughter tag along a while on the job, just to build up that family angle. :cool:
    Thanks for the input, and Happy Holidays
  7. mojobuc

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    :) I'll do that.
    You don't post a day over 35! :w00t:

  8. moreluck

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    "Actually Morelucky is more than twice that"

    OUCH Danny !! That hurt !! :death:
  9. dannyboy

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    Truth hurts sometimes!:biggrin:

    If you do both the packing and the unpacking, and are there when they deliver it, you have some control over the aspect of damage. If you only pack, or only unpack, then you would have issues.

    Sell yourself as a specialist. Offer full line packing and unpacking with a TLC guarantee.

    Niche businesses are started just like this. Look at the big picture and run with ideas. Dont limit yourself on just one front.

    Like I said, this is a great land of opportunity for those with the drive to out work the competition and the dream to succeed.

  10. mojobuc

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    it's the truth(both quotes), but it sure ain't easy!

    the way i am looking at it, do I want to work a normal 9-5 and deal with that or take a chance on working a 7-3 or what ever i want, keep on going to college and still be able to pick my kids up from school and enjoy them why they are young, as well as only answer to myself and the IRS:scared: .

    irs can be and currently is a pita!
    but i guess no matter what one decides, there is always someone to answer to.