My Pay Rate Was Changed

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by scratch, Aug 23, 2019.

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    I read through the whole document. Does not say anywhere that it is proprietary information. Does not say it may not be reproduced, disseminated, or distributed. Hell, I got it off the internet. Don't even know if it is a legitimate UPS document.

    Are you confirming this is an actual UPS endorsed and utilized document? If you are, then I would be most happy to remove any reference to the document.
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  2. And you are automatically assigned avoidable right off the bat no matter what.
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    Does not have the standard "privileged and confidential document....." information on the bottom of any page.

    You didn't start doing this yet. I mean, at the time, we were only a package delivery company that didn't even have computers.

    But you still use this document, or some form of it, to judge accidents.

    You are correct.

    The only thing I removed from the document was on page 1, lower left hand corner, just to clean it up a little.

    Here is the original page 1.

    Acc Page 1.jpg
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    Found one for you. Posted on the bottom was "Privileged and Confidential..."

    The document cannot be posted, since there is a disclaimer on it.

    There is no disclaimer on the Accident Judgement, similar to the 340 Methods.

    May be a UPS used document, but there is no disclaimer posted on the document, as there is on this one that I cannot post.

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    fullsizeoutput_1341.jpeg I made the mistake of trying to let my management team fix their error. I gave copies of my checks to my supervisor first and he didn't fix it. Then I gave copies to my Center Manager and it still wasn't fixed by the next pay day. So Friday morning of last week I filled out a Grievance Form and gave it to my Shop Steward and I asked for penalty pay. I got these Tuesday, thanks @BigUnionGuy
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    By giving management a chance to correct it (or screw up) makes the grievance an auto win.
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    southern supplement
    Article 48 Section 5

    An employee on a layoff (lasting less than seven (7) days) shall receive their regular wages and benefits. An employee on a layoff (lasting more than seven (7) days) shall receive appropriate wages and benefits for the job performed based on their seniority. Howev- er, the Employer shall continue to make contributions to their regu- lar health, welfare and pension.
  8. scratch

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    I was taken out of service for 20 days after an accident, so I don't consider that a layoff. At the scene, my Center Manager told me I could work inside the building for up to twenty days while the company investigated. He mentioned something about he thought the contract said I would be paid at a reduced rate. I filed under Article 18 Section 3, the Master says I should get my full pay. Both my Center Manager and Shop Steward were wrong about the reduced rate.
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