My Station, A Representative Example This Week?

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    Let's see. Inbound is at least doubled every day, and sometimes almost tripled. All managers are on the road, and on the clock working both sides of the operation. Most come-in at 0500 and are here until at least 2200. I would estimate that we have approximately 5,000 DEX01's sitting on pallets in the warehouse. We also have several full AMJ containers on the deck that should have been worked Friday but were not.

    Many of the DEX01's are perishables, which means they are starting to go bad. We're trying to get rid of the obvious ones, but not all perishables are marked as such.

    For the first time in my experience, we are being allowed to hit 70 hours. One of the big reasons there are so many lates and non-attempts is the fact that there are so many new couriers on the road, most of whom can do half what a seasoned, experienced courier can do. That's what you get for $14 and some change per hour. Several have just quit, being fresh out of courier school and then tossed into the blender at frappe'. Some already have 14 hour violations.

    Attitudes suck. People are dog-tired, and a lot of them are coming-in hungover, sleep-deprived, or both. We don't have enough vehicles, PowerPads, or help. Couriers and managers are going on-road without any PowerPads and then processing pickups when they return to building.

    Missed pickups? Lots. Trucks and freight not making the CTV and the airplane. Many. Customers are lined-up out the front door trying to retrieve packages, and the phone lines are packed with :censored2:-off customers. Dispatch? They answer the phone maybe 50% of the time and then put you on-hold because they are overwhelmed.

    A lot of people are close to the breaking point. Wonder why.

    Excellent planning Freddie. Bravo Zulu!!
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    Our lazy managers don't go on the road, and they were gone home early every night leaving the counter reps to deal with an increasingly hostile crowd of customers AND courriers.
    Oh, and we still can't exceed 60 hours or over 12 in a day ,need an hour lunch and have been told whoever doesn't finish will be working Christmas Day.....
    punishment for consecutive horrible SFA scores along with total inexperience, but they'll be getting the 5 figure bonus not you.......
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    OMG Mrfedex, its the same at our station. This is the worst peak ever....In my 28 years....My God, was this a plan? Are they really wanting to get rid of ExPRESS that bad that they have to destroy our customers? I dont get this but one thing I hope to hell that Memphis is reading this....Have you checked out Fedex on Facebook. You would not believe the customer complaints. If it wasn't for our customers I would call in sick tomorrow....
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    I totally believe it.

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    The sad thing is the top brass will never take responsibility for this meltdown and will spin it hard. Them come January the push for increase in efficiency , more cuts and sales leads. In their eyes all the responsibility lies with the courier.
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    Missed the last days to ship? Don't stress! Choose FedEx SameDay delivery - the last day to deliver is 12/25. For details, go to Same day shipping from FedEx.

    Who the heck is suppose to deliver this? We all just worked 70 hours.
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    All I know is I really don't wanna go to work tomorrow...
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    I feel your pain
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    I think same day is out of our FedEx Office scam division.....
    if R1a was correct, it has a perfect name ....Cheetah.........
    i think Dallas Tx is one of the test cities
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    A fedex letter sameday within 50mile radius...starting rate is a whopping $160 bucks
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    I think they used to subcontract with Sonic or one of the other courier services that use the commercial airlines.
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    With your volume more than doubled, what is the proper plan to handle that?
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    Eliminate express saver and give it to Ground......

    Make us part time.......
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    I almost spit out my beer today when I read that online!