"national agreement"?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Floyd Gondolli, May 27, 2012.

  1. Floyd Gondolli

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    The one thing that frustrates me about the "national agreement" is the lack of consistency around the country........different top rates, what is a Cover Driver or Casual in one part of the country is not called that in another part of the country. How seniority works whether it's 22.3, full time or part-time varies around the country. These are a few examples. Wouldn't it be nice to have a true national agreement and a national contract that's the same around the nation? Hmmmmmmm.
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    politics as usual.......just depends upon the "cost" of "business"

    I was told by one of my labor law professors 30 yrs. ago...that most contracts were pre-determined....it's all taken care of prior to the vote.......and everyone is HAPPY
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    There is one national contract (other than for Locals 705 and 710) but there are many regional supplements with language specific to each region. For example, we have language outlining procedures for closing during snow emergencies which most likely would not apply to Hawaii.
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    It makes sense to me. every area has different dynamics influencing it. Thus we get different supplements to represent those differences. I personally am very satisfied with my western supplement, I believe it fits us west coast teamsters rather well
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    I'm in the west as well so our language is probably the same. Some of the stories i hear on Brown Cafe i can't relate to cause it varies in whatever part of the country your in. Another example, Cover Drivers around the country can hang out and see if drivers want to go home so they can work. In my local, you can't do that. They have to come to you if there are staffing issues or your brought on for the week to Cover vacations and what not.
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    Yeah. FT transfering seems to be another issue that is very regional. I guess the diffrences all comes down to what issues are most important in your region come negotiation time.
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    National, Supplemental, Regional, State, Conference..... All have differences.

    And then Riders, that are specific to a Local.

    Even within the same state, Local's can have different seniority practices.

    It really depends on *How Effective* your Local leaders are.... What experience they have with negotiations.... at contract time.

    Most area's are in the Panel system. Some go from a "Local level hearing" to binding arbitration. Which is a long and costly process.

    Members, that are in Local's that have binding arbitration.... don't realize.... *No Local* can afford to arbitrate every case.

    Local's 705 and 710 come to mind. That's where TDU wants to ignore reality.

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    I am in Florida.
    I WANT A/C!!!

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    I totally understand what you mean. Everything is different across the country. Pensions are night and day too. It is seriously nuts how the whole thing is set up. I would prefer one national deal as well. You could put all the riders for "snow" or whatever all in the same deal. A thirty year driver in one part of the country gets $3,000 pension and in another $6,000? Makes no sense to me. One contract, one great pension for f.t., one for p.t. and quit all the confusion allready. JMHO.[

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    I want to live in Florida, quit your complaining! lol. Come to Chicago and deal with our winters, property tax and sales tax!
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    Hey, at least Chicago won't get washed away when the oceans rise. Florida is a nice place to visit, but the whole state averages about 6 feet above sea level. I would never live where the land squishes and the bugs get to be bigger than chihuahuas....LOL!
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    Excellent post.
    This is a good illustration of why one national contract would be impossible to get. If UPS had started in all parts of the country at one time, there would be one contract. But UPS expanded across the country like a patchwork quilt- one piece added here, another over there. It may have been one company, but there were different locals in different areas all with slightly different work practices. Differences between union and management were determined by local negotiations - the same issue might be decided differently in two different cities because of the different people negotiating. Your comment that "It really depends on *How Effective* your Local leaders are.... What experience they have with negotiations.... at contract time." can be applied equally to the local management team.

    The point is that the labor rules have "grown up" as the company has "grown up" across the country. If both sides iin a local area believes that they are working well, then generally the local rules will not change in the supplement during contract negotiations. It is not in either the company or the union's best interest to try and make all the work practices uniform, just so everything can be the same in all parts of the country.