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    Ok, here's my deal. I'm just approaching my third year anniversary as a package handler in the Minneapolis hub. I've never been disciplined for any reason and have always been known by the supervisors (both full-time and part-time sups) as a hard worker. I show up on time and have a good attendance record (I've never just blown off showing up for work by way of no call/no show).

    Anyways, I'm also a student and need a day off each week (Weds) during this upcoming fall semester for a night class that I need to take this year/this semester. I asked my part-time sup to take care of this about 3 months ago. He initially told me that it "shouldnt be a problem", but he needed to clear it with his f/t sup. After hearing nothing back after a month, I reminded my sup about it. Another month went by and still no answer so I asked my sup again. Again, nothing. I approached him again two weeks about this and told him I "need to know". Well, his sup was on vacation until next week. So, I waited another week. NOW, I was told by my p/t sup that I have a "new" full time sup and that he was on vacation this week and wont be back till Monday (july 20th). So, I waited another week. Asked my pt sup on Monday to ask the ft sup about the day off. He did. I was then told that my f/t sup needed to ask "his f/t sup" and "will get back to me". If I don't get an answer by the end of this week, I will raise some hell.

    I highly doubt that they will grant me the day off anyways, but I need a fricken answer. Regardless, if they don't give me the day off, I am still taking the class and will not show up for work on Wednesdays (I will call in each day I need to, ask my p/t sup in advance for 1 or 2 Weds off, and use a personal holiday for one of those wednesdays). What I need to know is can I get fired for too many absences? Can my p/t sup "help" me out in any way? Can I file a grievance for waiting 3+ months for answer to a very simple question.

    Thanks in advance for your time.
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    You should have arranged to speak to the appropriate manager initially.
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    Your reply was unhelpful to the say the least. At our hub, as was explained to me by other union members, is to approach our p/t sups regarding these types of matters. Don't blame me for not asking the "appropriate" manager.
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    see if you can switch shifts..We had a guy who is doing morning classes and they switched him to local sort
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    Switch shifts for a class that meets one day a week??

    cachsux is right but hindsight is 20/20. At this point all you can really do is wait for the FT sup to come back from vacation and ask him/her for an answer.

    I would advise against banging in every Wednesday for an entire semester.
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    Raising hell will get you nowhere. Yes, you can be fired for excessive absences. They may or may not grant you the day off, most likely on a week to week basis depending on need. Also most likely they will not grant time off in Nov/Dec. and if you've worked as long as you claim, you'll understand that. You have no contractual right to a grievance for waiting on an answer.
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    Let's put it this way, if you skipped class's every Wendsday to go to work would you honestly expect them to pass you? Don't make a commitment when you already have one. Life happens while you work, weigh your priorities and decide if this class is worth your job.
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    Well, here's the deal. UPS caters to students for part time work. Even during the hiring process they tell students they are "flexible". I've been at UPS for nearly three years and have seen MANY part timers get days off for classes (night classes in my case as I have always worked on the twilight shift). Don't tell me I made a commitment to UPS and need to figure out my priorities. I would have never taken the job at UPS if they weren't flexible. Oh, and I was already in school before I started at UPS.

    Pretty much all the replies received on this forum are probably from Full Time UPSers who treat the part timers like :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. You just want our union dues to pay for your ridiculous wages and benefits. Needless to say, the people who post on here are pretty much :censored2:s.

    Regardless, my issue has been resolved. I showed up to work today and saw my p/t sup talking with my new f/t sup. I walked over and they said I was "good to go" with that day off. I also received an apology for the "run around" I received. Shows what any of you guys KNOW...not a lot apparently.
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    Well, here's the deal, bud. I was in school before I started at UPS. I applied at UPS because they cater to students like me and even during the hiring process they made it clear that they are "flexible" with student schedules. I've worked the twilight shift throughout my time at UPS and have seen MANY part timers be able to take a certain day off because of a night class or something. I would have never accepted a job at UPS if they were not flexible with students. So don't tell me I made a commitment to UPS and I should get my priorities straight. You're probably just another jackass full timers treating the part timer like :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. All you want is our union dues anyways.

    Regardless, my issue has been taken care of. I walked into work tonight and saw my p/t sup and my new f/t sup talking. I walked over to them and they said I was "good to go" with that day off. Goes to show what any of you so-called experts KNOW...which is very little. I even received an apology for the "run around" they gave me.

    Now, I can continue to work my butt off at UPS while I watch the usual union worker do as little as possible and then bitch about the "war on workers" and how little they get paid. What a joke.
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    This should never be agreed to and you should never had asked. Shift change should have been your only concern. They have been stringing you along on purpose, because you worked so hard for them on the shift you are on. Seems to me you will get what you deserve for trusting the company, when all you needed to do was call your local, where they would have actually been concerned. But I would hazard a guess your not a member.
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    Glad you got your issue resolved. I sense a lot of hatred towards the very people you work with and think management is your savior, even though they admitly strung you along. I also didn't seem to see where you made this arrangement when you were hired, I'm guessing you checked the box that says M-F on availability. It's fine though, go get yourself a degree and become something in this world, as us "lazy union members" continue to do our job. Until then continue to pay your dues to a union that gives you what you obviously accepted as a reasonable compensation/benefits when you were hired and badmouth us at the same time.
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    Well aren't you SPECIAL !!! Seems you will still be needing those knee pads sucka !
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    Gosh, sorry my 26 years of experience couldn't help a 3 year have all the answers guy like you. But my point is when you need something as important as you claim you go straight to a manager. It's allowed under the UPS open door policy. But you knew that right? If your other union members told you what to do then why didn't you go to them when it failed instead of coming on here?
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    I agree with cachsux. If I have an issue, I can always directly talk with management. I won't play the chain of command game starting with p/t sups.
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    By the next semester, I'm betting you'll get five nights a week off...or you'll be a Division Manager.
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    Here's the deal. Another tough guy. Come and gone.
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    The truth hurts doesn't it...
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    The sad thing is the guy gets good advice, accurate advice from people who have been around and know of what they speak. He "thanks in advance" (at least his mother had good manners) and then he lets loose when he gets the truth.

    I'll bet two donuts this guy doesn't get any Wednesdays off after Thanksgiving. And if I'm senior and get refused a option day before that, the gigs up when it gets to the union.
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    i dont care what your buildings policies are about asking your pt supervisor about getting this done for you, you should have gone directly to his boss or the sort manager. sure it may not help you now, but if you need to do something quick you should talk to your sort manager immediately. there is no reason they shouldnt be able to cover your absence one day a week for a while. im sure there are tons of people that would like the extra hours. if they dont, file on supervisors working. sometimes being nice doesnt pay in there, if you dont know that already, then maybe this situation will open your eyes a little...
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    There is nothing worse.... than someone trying to "cut a deal" for themselves.

    If the company does it for "one".... Do it for "All"

    How many people, would like to pick a day of the week.... they want off ?

    My reason.... is just as good as yours.