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    Ok, we didn't need the negative press about UPS losing the citibank package and compromising 3.9 million of their customer's financial information.
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    Citigroup says UPS loses data
    Monday June 6, 3:43 pm ET
    By Jonathan Stempel

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C - News) on Monday said computer tapes containing account and payment history data, including Social Security numbers, on 3.9 million customers were lost by United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE:UPS - News)
    The disappearance is the latest in a series of reported data breaches involving U.S. companies, including Bank of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC - News) and Time Warner Inc. (NYSE:TWX - News)

    New York-based Citigroup said UPS, the world's biggest package carrier, lost the tapes while shipping them to an Experian credit bureau in Texas.

    The tapes covered CitiFinancial branch network customers and about 50,000 customers with closed accounts from CitiFinancial Retail Services. Customers of CitiFinancial Auto and CitiFinancial Mortgage are unaffected.

    Citigroup, the world's biggest bank, on Saturday mailed a letter to customers about the problem. It said it has received no reports of unauthorized activity, and said there is "little risk" of the accounts being compromised.

    "We were moving this using an enhanced security procedure we specified and developed with (UPS)," said Kevin Kessinger, president of Citigroup's North America consumer finance unit, in an interview. "You can imagine how frustrated and disappointed we are that this occurred."

    Norman Black, a spokesman for Atlanta-based UPS, said "we sincerely regret that in this case we have not been able to find this package. We did conduct an exhaustive search."

    Black said UPS is cooperating with Citigroup, and will "do everything we can to make sure this doesn't happen again."
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    Has anyone checked inside that BIG Fish we moved?

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    Was it lost in a center that has PAS? Check the car NEXT to the one its supposed to be in!
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    Sounds like someone had some late bills that they did not want reported........
  6. I would hate to be the one to get the driver follow up on that one.
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    I saw this on the late news last night....the network (CBS) reported the story like it was Citigroup's fault!
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    They will try to make some driver take the fall for it. Speaking of UPS screwups. I had a letter yesterday that was a missort. It was from Malaysia (our airport hub), headed to UPS records in KY. Whoever sent it, didnt put a zip or a state. We had to open it to get the destination zip. It contained pilots logs. Way to go!
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    The package is probably sitting in some center somewhere with no label, waiting to be processed for overgoods. The way we always seem to run shorthanded it was probably misplaced with other exceptions for processing. I know that some of our exceptions, that require more detailed research than a lookup don't always get processed immediately.

    I know that UPS probably sent out URGENT E-mails to all centers, but it seems everyones e-mail is so important it's marked urgent. I've seen the number of e-mail Sup's get, its pheonominal! I'm sure sup's scan thier e-mail like we all do... junk, junk, junk. I'm confident the pkg will turn up, just like that shipping container a few months ago did.

    A couple of months ago I unloaded my back door bulk stop and thier was an entire Office Depot shipping label plastered to the floor of my P1000 going to some other town. I messaged in the 1Z, but who knows where that pkg wound up with no label.
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    Maybe ups should lose some more high profile pkgs. Much to my surprise, the stock was up nicely on the news. Go Figure.[​IMG]
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    Yeah, Citibank should have come to us here on the Brown Cafe with the tracking number and we probably would have found it for them and avoided the publicity. [​IMG]
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    They had some idiot on the news tonight saying identity stealers were getting jobs at freight companies just so they could steal packages like this one. (Keep an eye on your loop buddies....They could be identity stealers!)
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    Maybe it was misdelivered to Wells Fargo.
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    It was mentioned at our PCM...
    I said I'd look for it.. LOL
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    Because of this we were sent emergency audits on our High Value and Exception handling. I find it hard to believe they sent a disc as high value, but I suppose it's possible. If it was a high value not handeled correctly than the ball was dropped by someone. Those pkgs should not get lost. I'd love to have the tracking number for this. I'm serious when I say if they let us try we could find it. Who wants to bet they are tearing open cages for this one?
  16. ok2bclever

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    Yep, we got a correspondence handed to us that basically stated to be careful handling and processing packages and not to talk to the media regarding this Citigroup problem.

    I would have loved to see the tracking number to look into it a bit as it is amazing how many UPSers don't truly understand how to read between the lines of probability with the FVT tracking data.
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    I would say that Corp has gotten involved as they could be. They seem to be the only ones that can get things moving. But as you say, it is most likely headed to national overgoods where someone there will sell it for scrap.

    As for the package we found a while back, maybe if they offered me $5000 I could be bribed into getting off my fat Butt and find it[​IMG]

    We lose too many packages, and unlike these, most are not high profile.

    Fact is, my 2DA letter that I sent to Cal still has not showed up.

    Sometimes I wonder how we ever make any money.

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    I have done the airport shuttle many times and you would be surprised to know how many times the high value pkgs are not in the cans or even in the plane!
    It drives the high value clerks nuts.
  19. Maybe they did not even ship it with UPS. Who knows it may have been shipped with someone else. Kind of like the customer who swears you have a pkg. for them because they have the delivery notice. Then they show it to you and it's from the post office, fedex or dhl. LOL.
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    <font color="ff0000">Maybe they did not even ship it with UPS.</font>

    Was talking yesterday with someone at work and there seems to be a line of thinking that this could have happened. From what I was told this package shows up no where in the system from the time the driver alledgedly picked it up to anytime afterwards. If this turns out to be true the problem from the press I saw was that UPS already admitted wrong so no matter what we are at fault.

    Also, to all the drivers out there. Make damn sure you've got those bulkhead doors closed and the vehicle always secured as reports were yesterday here in the Atlanta area that CNN was following drivers around filming them and looking specifically for violations. Haven't seen or heard any reports but this rumor needs to be treated as if true. We all get in comfort zones, myself included, but with the negative fallout from this I'm sure scapgoats would be a welcome sign to some so let's not give them any.

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