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    Funny this morning our steward says' out of 6000 teamsters only a little over 2000 voted(the contract passed) Well why I find this funny is because I never recieved my ballot............I called twice both times I was told they mailed them and had my correct many others didn't get theirs I wonder??!! How frustrating matter of fact I don't even have my copy of the contract! Just me venting:wink2:
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  3. brown4life?

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    That is what he said its local 710 so I would think thats right:wink2:
  4. dannyboy

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    it takes the teamsters a very long time to print the contract book.

    sometimes as long as a year or more before i have seen it.

    as for voting, what makes you think they ever want a true vote on something?

  5. local804

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    We have had a hard copy of our contract for over a month now. Why would you vent now about not voting?
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    es 710
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    We got our books 2 weeks ago.
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    Local 70 in Norcal is issuing the printed contract in two weeks.
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    We've had our copies for just over a month. You are welcome to borrow it as long as you agree to return it.
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    You don't really believe your vote matters do you? Those things are settled at the table. The last master sucked but gave the teamsters a few more years of dues increases. The contracts are settled at the table. Our votes probably hit the trash can. Do you believe a contract that provided us with prifit sharing while not increasing wages would pass? Hell no! The Union makes it's money off our hourly wages! A $5 or $10K bonus at the end of the year would not put money in their coffers.
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    It hasn't been a month our ballots were due back to the teamsters on OCT 2nd.
    I am venting now because I didnt get a copy of the proposal or my ballot when they were supposed to be sent out. I called them twice to see where it was. I pay my dues its my right to vote on the contract and i wasn't given that right...........Thats why I am venting:wink2:
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    Helen i have heard alot of talk about the cover of your contract, can you please scan it and post for us all to see. Tell marty i said hi if you run into him please.

    Our contract just passed to. Our local hired an outside agency to handle the ballots, mailing and counting of them to show it was fair. In 2002 we campaigned here against the contract and were not allowed to watch the ballot count. We were told that it passed huge, so we changed our bylaws and now every vote that is held any 705 members in good standing are allowed to be present and witness it.

    We have just over 12,000 ups teamsters and only 3900 took the time to check a box (multiple choice) lick two envelopes and place it back in the mail.

    When we had our strike vote 3,230 people showed up in person on a sunday to vote yes or no, and only 600 more can take some time at the leisure? The truth is alot of people just dont care!

    We had 2,990 yes votes 792 no votes and a couple hundred spoiled ballots, either in eligible to vote or they decided to write on the ballot voiding it.
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    I believe the next negotiations and concessions will be focused upon the F/T ranks. Surely all part-timers won't care too much, especially the next 5 years of hires. less skill in the package handling jobs, 1 year/ 1 3/4 years until benefits, $8.50/hr. Big trouble!