New Cover Driver: Have some questions

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by John R, Oct 3, 2018.

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    Recently began as a cover driver and have accumulated a few questions about certain situations that have popped up. I was told from a friend that they can't teach you every scenario and you'll have to learn from it when it happens so I am hoping to get a few answers from some more experienced guys here.

    1. When delivering, it'll notify me of "NO DR" or "Claim w/ a date" and then it will say consignee delivery instructions that says it can be left by front door, or consignee signature exists, etc. Does this mean I am able to DR it to their front door?

    2. I've only been on one other route since probation, so I haven't been exposed to many routes yet, but on the one route I did I got confused with what they expect me to do with scheduled pickups. Let's say I have 5 pickups, first two are around 2:30pm, then 4,5:30,6pm. I was originally told to get to pickups with 15 minutes of that time. What if I'm in the middle of delivering resi 2-3pm, do I have to break off route to go grab the pickup and come back? It was even more confusing later in the evening, because between 4-6, I have to be available to get those pickups and can't get much residential deliveries done if I have to keep going back and fourth breaking off the route. Sometimes the pickups are 10-15 minutes each way, by the time I get to the pickup I'll have to head to the next one so soon?

    3. When am I allowed/supposed to use signed delivery notices? For example, a lot of people check the box themselves to leave the package if they sign the back, even though I didn't check it. I know for packages that the shipper requests a signature, I am not able to, correct?
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    1. Follow the DIAD instructions and then confirm with sup next morning. If it won't let you DR then get a sig or tag door.

    2. Always break off for pick ups. Picks are more important then resi stops. Resi has no commit time.

    3. If package is Sig required then it needs a sig. Leave another tag and move on. Do not sign yourself!
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    ill answer your questions for you in person when i see u at the picket line
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    If it won't let you dr then don't dr it.

    Generally, you brake trace to start your pickups. Some routes are a mess in the diad. Other times you have a pickup scheduled for the time you usually get there. You just got to know the route.

    If the diad wants a signature I get the signature. A signed info notice is only good if I wanted a signature because I didn't think it was safe to just leave the package.