New Driver Helper - My Neighbor is the driver - quick question

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by gregcky, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. gregcky

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    So i just applied and will have my orientation on Thursday. I have a neighbor who is a driver and he referred me to this position because he needs a helper, my question is will i be matched up with him? He needs a helper, i need a driver. The HR person told me to have him request me but can this happen? I assume it differs with every UPS package center and it all depends on the supervisor or whoever is in charge, but i was just wondering what you guys thought.

    Thanks! Cool community, i look forward to posting more.


    UPSCAREER New Member

    You should be working with your neighbor if he does not yet have a helper. They usually hire helpers to be with drivers in their own area. After the driver gets approval to get a helper, I'm sure he will have your contact info and give you a call when to come out! Good luck and stay safe!
  3. barnyard

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    That is how it works in my center. If a driver refers someone and then asks for that person to be their helper, that is who they get. Last year, several drivers had their own children as helpers.
  4. brownmonster

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    We can use our neighbors kids as helpers but are not allowed to covet thy neighbors wife.
  5. over9five

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    What happens in the package car, stays in the package car!
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    Oh man, hahaha. thanks for all the responses.
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    Welcome to the BrownCafe gregcky! We look forward to you posting more.
  8. nystripe96

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    Can you be an inside PT employee & still be a driver helper too? I work the twilight & would love to be able to be a helper next peak. I asked HR about it, she didn't seem too fond of the idea so I dunno. HR didn't say no either.
  9. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    You not only can, but you have seniority over out side hires. They don't like you as a candidate because you work twilight. They prefer preloaders or outside hires. You can grieve.
  10. nystripe96

    nystripe96 Active Member

    I will def try to do it. I'd much rather be a helper and than come in later to finish work on the twilight. Loading 8-12 hrs/day during peak is just bleh.......much rather do both if I could
  11. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    If you have volunteered for preload, then I think you are s.o.l.
  12. nystripe96

    nystripe96 Active Member

    Nah, pre-load never crossed my mind haha. I'll just chat up some people this spring and talk to my local drivers. I love the twilight
  13. hondo

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    (emphasis added by me)

    It sounds to me like twilight shift employees are needed to work the twilight shift in your building; while the package car drivers and preloaders who are helpers are still out on the road. Do you work in a hub or a center (bubble of goodness)? I'm guessing the former. If that is the case, it is highly unlikely (IMO) you would ever be a driver helper for UPS. The twilight start times should be getting earlier and earlier for you. You would actually have a better shot at jumping for FedEx during the day.
    The vague response from HR should be inferred as a NO. Ask your twilight coworkers and shop stewards if it's possible, I doubt you'll find anyone who's done it recently.
    It is possible if say, they run out of helpers, and they're more desperate for bodies in the jump seat than in the trailers.
    At this point, I would recommend you politely ask HR and some of the package center supervisors to keep you in mind.
  14. nystripe96

    nystripe96 Active Member

    Facility I work in is very large. I'll def be on HR & management like flies on poop all spring & summer
  15. hondo

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    I don't think that grievance would go very far. If the twilight shift is starting up at 2 PM (possible and likely in a hub), and he/she is available for work (no school or other job conflicts), the twilight shift is probably where a panel would rule for the striper to be working.
    Maybe a pay issue, if helpers are paid at a higher rate than he/she is at currently. But if I recall correctly, he/she hasn't even made seniority yet.
  16. nystripe96

    nystripe96 Active Member

    It's worth a shot. I'll make book around Jan 20th (not seasonal hire) so I'll have my seniority & will try to talk to management. My supes are cool with me coming in at 4:30 this peak due to my other job. I'm there every night for crunch time when the chaos ensues. Maybe that'll help my cause for next year as well if I ask to be a helper
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  17. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    Extra work can NOT interfere with your sort.
  18. hellfire

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    "your" driver can request you
  19. UPSGUY72

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    You could be his helper. However depending on where his route is you might have to drive a distance to meet him each day.
  20. bottomups

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    I wouldn't want any of my neighbors as my helper. After repeatedly telling them to get their lazy ass moving a little faster, they would most likely get :censored2: at me and not invite me over for beers anymore!