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  1. Kurt

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    Hey Drivers,

    I'm 23, & just began working for UPS as a driver since the beginning of november for seasonal work. While after peak is over I very much wish to stay @ UPS, I also wish to enroll in 401K & UPS Stocks. My question is, is this smart? where do i begin? What should i know? and how can I better my chances getting a call back? Any information i may be missing, or should consider looking into please let me know. Thank you
  2. Brownslave688

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    You could be hired back on as a part timer. Your chances are somewhere between slim and none to be kept on as a driver though.
  3. DSM515

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    Honestly if you are a temp hire for peak they cannot keep you full time. In our contract it is 6 to 1. This means they have too promote 6 part timers then they can hire 1 off the street. The only shot you have and a long one at that is if they are too the 1 off the street or there is no one qualified too bid a full time driver job. Your best bet is too talk to some of the older drivers in your building for some advice on this. Ask how long it takes too go FT from part time? Then if you want too wait it out, start PT get into the 401 and stocks and go from there. In my building it takes about 7 years then another 4 too get to full driver wage. So your looking at being at least 34 years old.