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Discussion in 'Introductions and Welcomes' started by UPSteamster13, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Hello, I have just been hired by UPS for a PM unloader position and i have been unloading for about 3 weeks now. Prior to getting hired i booked a plane ticket to orlando, FL for a family vacation. When i was hired i got the benefit package and in it was the amount of vacation time you receive after being there for so many years. I have not reached my first 30 days yet and i am wondering if i should even bring up the vacation to my supervisor. i dont want to hurt my chances of staying with UPS becuase i want to be a driver in the future. I guess my question is, should i ask my supervisor if i could possibly have the days off so iam not paying 700.00 for a useless plane ticket? or should i just not bring anything up to save my job, senority, and possible promotions in the future?
  2. retired2000

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    will you get your 30 days in before the trip?
  3. HazMatMan

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    When is the trip?? You should mention to them that you already purchased your ticket (you did, right?) maybe, just maybe you can get the time off. It's not peak season which will help your cause, but just remember this, they have absolutley no obligation to give you the time off..
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    You should have told management your first day of work. If you are a good employee I would imagine it would be no problem. But they are within their rights to deny you vaca the first year. Good luck.
  5. retired2000

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    just remember you need to work 30 days in a row to get into the union.
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    30 in a row :confused:1 I though everywhere had 30 in 90.

    Rumor is that the company is wanting 90 in 180 with the next contract.
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    Just to piggy-back on this for a second...

    I have my first interview for a PT Preload Supervisor position tomorrow morning. I also have a class that I am taking (part of my degree program) that is nothing more than a week long bus trip to various facilities in the sate to learn management techniques, proceudres, etc. in each of these locations. The class/trip is sometime in May (haven't been given the exact dates yet). I am planning to inform the interviewer of this tomorrow and see what they say.

    Is there any reason I shouldn't bring it up?

    Should I wait until a later interview to discuss it?

    When does vacation time for PT supes kick in and do you think they will be reasonable enough to give me the time off for the class?

    Answers are appreciated!
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    We are 30 In 60, If you want to be hired I suggest you not miss any days while trying to achieve book. If you are part-time and work 30 full time days within 60 days you will become full-time.. EXCEPT during peak. Is everybodies peak the same?? Oct 15th to Dec 25th.
  9. I would tell them in advance....otherwise you more than likely won't get it off. If they know there's a good reason (in this case a very good one) they will likely grant it.

    I am waiting on my panel interview....and then I'll have to make the choice....basically I want to see the pay rate, the bennies, etc before I commit to it. I only really want to do it for the extra $$ for school and for a resume builder. I'm not worried about the stress, I have the 2nd heaviest pull (and sometimes the heaviest if all my cars get hit, known to happen at least twice a week) on my line and I only have 3 cars (gave me the 3 heaviest cars they have basically) so I'm stressed its never enough, but its a big jump and if I'm not going to get much out of it vs. being an hourly then I will likely just stay where I am and see if i can pick up more hours at my other job instead. My current supe seemed to think I'd have what it takes judging by how I deal with people and the BS that is my pull, everyday.:thumbup1: