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    Hello all. I have an "appointment" tomorrow at the Addison location for a feeder driver position. (SEASONAL)

    Which brings up my first question. Is this an interview? Will I be in a room with a bunch of other people that applied? Should I bring my resume? Do I dress up? Just need clarification since it's just called an "appointment."

    Do feeder drivers haul containers, vans, triples/doubles? I've been doing containers as an O/O for the last 5 years and I can honestly say I love doing them. I have double/triple endorsement but have never done it, will they make me go through a training for that?

    Looks like the position is starting at night. I was used to starting at 4-6AM but I'm open minded on doing it and it helps I only live 10 minutes down the road. Since it's seasonal, do they usually keep some the drivers after the season? I own 2 trucks so I can continue doing that after the season if they don't. UPS is the only company I see is worth being a company driver for.

    What's the approximate pay starting from the bottom? I hope I can net 1,500/week, but I can live off 1,000 since I will have income coming in from my other truck that I will have running.

    Thanks in advance and I would appreciate further feedback.
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    I have no idea to most of what you're asking but I would say dress up. Seasonal usually indicates just for the holidays but they do keep on or call back the seasonals that do a good job. A top pay feeder driver makes around $100k, but that's after you've gone through the wage progression, good luck!
  3. silenze

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    The summer seasonal period just ended. The winter seasonal period starts November 1
    I would bring your resume and any documents but also wear something you can do a road test in, ie Work boots.
    Keep in mind as a seasonal you are paid by the hour and not guaranteed to work.
    The good news is that they are in the process of renovating the Addison building. When they are done they are probably going to hire a lot of drivers.
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  5. roron85

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    Thanks. Ok, thanks for clarifying, wasn't sure if to go work-ready or interview-dress-up-ready. Don't mind it's seasonal and that sometimes there will not be work since I own my own truck so I can do that. How soon do they let you know there is or isn't work? Same day? Week advance?
  6. roron85

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    Thanks. So what do you think they would pay me?
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    I answered your questions within the box above, pop it open and see what is in there.
  8. pickup

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    I don't think they do the road test until the results of the drug test are in. Because if he hits and kills someone, and he is flying high, the company is screwed.
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  9. pickup

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    And that is my contribution to the thread. I don't post much these days ( 3rd post in three months or so) so consider it a favor that I typed all that info up for you.
  10. roron85

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    Wow, that was lots of good info! Thanks man
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    Well, it's a good gig if you like working nights. You won't work days.

    You may start when the sun is still up a little but especially seasonal, 55 to 60 hrs a week and it's night work.

    Don't try to stay awake all day, you MUST get sleep. If you have any drugs in your system don't even apply, you will get tested, probably twice before you start and get random tests. Don't even hang out with peeps that smoke weed.

    I hear it's much better than delivery, just be sure your family is on board. You will be on the qualified list and will be on call bit likely have a designated run for the peak so that's a little better than on call bit you will still be on call.

    When you finish your shift, go get sleep first, don't wait until later because after 10 hours off you will likely be working again.

    UPS has their set of work methods, don't try to do it your way. If you want to work at UPS, just follow their rules, some of them are zero tolerance.

    Other than that, it a different way of life for sure, but the pay is good.

    Good luck.
  12. pickup

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    Let me also say, some regions in the country treat casuals one way and other regions treat their casuals in another fashion. In mine, the casuals work a weekly schedule, and if they are hired full time after peak, they are hired. We have no feeder casuals working the rest of the year. From Sept to jan 10 , we do. If they work after that , they will get hired . No on call for us. No qualified lists. That's where I'm at. Addison, Illinois may be different, so take everything I said with regards to how getting hired full-time with a grain of salt.
  13. roron85

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    Would you guys all agree that this is the fastest way to get in from the outside to start driving semis?
  14. barnyard

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    Not necessarily. It all depends on where they are on the 6-1 inside to outside hire.
  15. roron85

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    What are other ways of getting in beside doing seasonal with hopes of being kept or called in the future?
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Go to your appointment, dress appropriately and let the chips fall where they may.
  17. silenze

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    Illinois teamster 705 710 is a different beast. If you are truly interested find their 2013 to 2018 contract online and read up on how to get hired
  18. pickup

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    You're welcome. I guess you'll find out tomorrow what they are going to pay you. They can't lie about that. They might take union dues out of your hide(probably will). I heard in some regions, they start taking out initiation fees as well , which I feel is ridiculous so you may want to inquire into that as well. HR may or may not have or volunteer the answers if they are both "Yes" because they will consider it a deterrent to getting you on board.

    With the economy doing well in some regards and judging by the sign on bonuses that a few trucking companies are offering, I suspect that the trucking world doesn't have too many truckers with relatively clean cdl licenses , sitting around on a shelf waiting to work for UPS for what could (and probably is) only be a small period of time. So if that is true, HR is going to sugarcoat a lot of stuff and present an aspect of truth that probably won't happen( but it could so it is technically not a lie) in order to recruit you and others like you , in order to fill their quotas.
  19. Wally

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    Dress for success!
  20. barnyard

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    If you already own your own truck, you should also find out what gypsies are paid for hauling UPS loads.