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  1. Bonita

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    Just wondering if I can get info on how UPS Feeder(Trailer) Driver recruit process works ?? My husband in on training to get his CDL (currently working in the hub for almost 6 years).
    There are few openings where we live (upstate NY), only stating part-time, seasonal driver needed.
    Does the driver gets to pick their own hours ? I know it's base on bid & or seniority, but he would like to get the overnight hours and everyone said that's probably easier to get to, since veteran drivers normally likes to work during the day.

    In the hub, there are twilight shift, midnight shift and morning shift. How does the hours for the driving ?? It's guarantee 2 days per week, which is fine, but how about the hours? does the drivers start at the same time ??

    Thank you !!
  2. ChickenLegs

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    No. Most likely he'll be on call or told a specific time in advance.

    Most guys have 25+ years in doing daytime. I doubt they would send him on any run (unless someone calls out). He would probably be building sets all night and being a jockey.

    I can't really answer this, but it's most likely "whenever they need him".

    Good luck
  3. Bonita

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  4. Bonita

    Bonita New Member

    Is the "on call" during same period of time ? From what I understand there has to be so many hours difference between shift no ? I mean, they can't really expect you to work Monday night shift then call you again Tuesday morning ? And thank you again !
  5. over9five

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    No. He must have 10 hours off between shifts.
  6. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Add: he should have the same start time each week, but it could change big-time the following week.
  7. Bonita

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    Thanks! Great info!! Too bad there's no choice for "overnight" or "day time", but hopefully he can get mostly evenings
  8. Bonita

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    Thank you @over9five : is it true that if driver refuses a shift, then they can be "punished" and asked not to drive for a year ?
  9. over9five

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    There's no refusing. It's done in seniority order, you choose from what your seniority gets you. The lowest guy has no choice at all, he takes whatever's left. The second guy from the bottom has two choices, etc etc.
  10. cachsux

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    If an on call driver doesn't work when he is called he goes to th bottom of the call list and will not be called again until they go through the list to his name again. The "punishment" is no $ in his paycheck.

    I get a vibe from your posts that you are concerned about his possible work hours. If it worries you that much you should address it now instead of when he's bouncing around from week to week. I'm not sure how his hub works feeder hour wise but at mine he could work Sun-Thurs, Mon-Fri, or Tues-Sat and at any hour. Being the noobie means he get's the crumbs and not the tasty ones at that.
  11. Bonita

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    Thanks! yes, just wants to know for sure what is if there is any option for the new driver. Thank you all again for the info!