New Feeder driver


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Greetings UPSers!! I start orientation on Wednesday!! I'm so excited about this opportunity. I have been trucking since 2007 (OTR). I feel pretty fortunate to get hired full time off the street. I know that normally doesn't ever happen. Luckily for me I live around the Louisville area and they are hiring a lot of guys off the street right now. Any tips would be much appreciated!!


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I remember the days when UPS wouldn't hire you if you had truck driving experience. They figured you would come with your own set of bad habits and they wanted to teach you "THEIR" way.

Hunter R.

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I just got my CDL wanting to get on local here in Louisville but not sure how much experience I need. I worked as a package handler for 4 years in Lexington Hub back in 08-12. How is it going so far?