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I've been a member here before. But for some reason can't access my old account at all. Won't let me reset. Used to go by Steelheader69. Am back now.

Well, a little about myself. I've been working at UPS since I was 18. Started out on the Local Sort, and moved up into driving just before I turned 22 (was pretty much a full time coverdriver as a utility driver my whole year as a 21 year old). Have over 18 years in now (will be just about 19 years when UPS hits it's 100th ann.). Am a bid driver on a business route out in the nicer part of Gig Harbor, WA. Have seen it all at UPS pretty much. Been through the ups and downs, so not alot surprises me. Spend most of my spare time with my family. Do alot of fishing and hunting, but also deal with horses on our small "farm" near Mt Rainier.

Thought i'd just do a quick intro.


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hey, nice to see a upser in washington post on these boards. I've been reading these since the last peak, and its about time i see another person post from the nw.
i preloaded at the pacific center for just under a year, but had to quit do to school. (it was really hard to leave everything).
strangely enough, my brother works as a FT cover driver over at your center, pm me if you want his name.

also, have you heard if they have PAS running up at pacific yet? when i left, they were really starting to prep for it.

heard when my center was built in 2000, it cost $30 million to build, and to implement PAS it cost $31 million.

anyways, its nice to see another upser post from the area


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Welcome back,

I'm sorry to hear that the forum gave you some trouble when you tried to use your original username. I can merge your accounts if you'd still like to use Steelheader69.

I'd be happy to help, just send me a private message.


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LOL, no, it's not near where they shot sleepless in Seattle. It's about 30-45 minutes south of that. It's literally right where they shot alot of the movie "Enough" with Jeniffer Lopez at (just across the overpass from my route, and in the areas I was a coverdriver at the time delivering, even saw J Lo while working).

Yeah, heard they're having a problem with PAS at the Auburn facility. Brand new building, but guess the computer system that's installed WILL NOT mesh with the PAS program. So they have to invest another couple million to make it work. LOL.

PM coming your way Cheryl. :)


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Just curious, what are the housing prices up there now? What square footage do you get for your money? It can't be as bad as California. Is there any place in the U.S. as bad as it is here???? No!


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Ahhhh, I have my old identity back.

Helen, prices aren't as bad as CA.......YET! We've literally had a flood of Californians moving up here in the last couple years. Was scary, literally had 9 out of 10 houses sell have Cali plates in the driveways. Some had such liquid cash from selling their houses down there that they have driven the market out of control. Houses that were selling for $170,000 4 years ago are selling for $450,000. Funny that people who live here can't afford to buy a house here now. LOL. Think the market is about to drop though, and in a harsh way. Price demands on houses have well went past their worth IMHO. I know a house I was looking to buy "pre injury" I can't even come close to affording.

Can't give you cost per square footage. Haven't done that research, not that I want to. LOL. I know where I moved out to, I have a good sized brick (real brick, not facade) with river frontage, Mt Rainier view, on 7 acres for about $450,000. Put this same place over in Seattle and you're talking $1,500,000 easy, probably more like 2+ (yes million).