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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by TheTakeOver, Nov 18, 2008.

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    Hey everyone. I've trolled these forums for a little while now, but this is my first post. I've been with UPS for almost two months now, and I have to say, it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be after the first few weeks. I guess I'm past the initial "i want to quit every single day" phase... I try to look at every day with a good attitude, and it's working so far. My body has also adjusted favorably to the job. I've but on a lot of muscle.

    I really like the community here, and hope to post often. Im currently working as a twilight p/t loader, and going to school full time. My checks are HORRIBLE right now, but as time goes on, it'll get better.

    Anyway, just wanted to post this to get my feet wet over here. :peaceful:
  2. MonavieLeaker

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    Welcome to BC....My first check was $150.00 :happy-very::peaceful:
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    welcome bro, hope you like it. twilight's the best sort imo, had the best experiences there of any other sort. your checks will suck for awhile, my first one was roughly $90 if i remember correctly. That's the only trouble with the union's initiation fee, it really cuts your moolah up until you get it all paid. however the benefits are definitely worth it.
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    I have been paying union dues for six months and still won't see anything for it for another year. Welcome and good luck at work Happy Thanksgiving.
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    if your feet are wet, its cause someone here tried to piss on them. dont let them do it.

    my first check was for three days, 18.12 take home. but since then, i have made quite a bit more than a million dollars at ups.

    keep that good attitude and it will take you a lot further than one that is negative. it will also make the days go by faster, people nicer, and the bad days far and few between.

    learn what you can and dont be afraid to learn new jobs at ups, never can tell when the experience will come in handy.

    also, what are you going to school for? dont neglect your schooling for ups, it can come back to bite you.

    have i sounded like your dad or grandmother?:wink2:

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    Thanks everyone!
    I'm pulling anywhere from $90-$110/wk right now... it sucks, but at the same time, one of my best buddies has applied for at least 10 jobs in the past two months with no results. I'm just glad to be working right now. I'm still living with my parents so i don't have too many expenses anyway.

    I'm working on a Mass-Media track with a potential Political Science Major. I'm not planning on making a career out of UPS, but I'd like to think I have one of the best plan Bs out there.

    So far, everyone I work with at my center has been REALLY cool... just real down to earth guys doing the same thing I'm doing. And, I've already been recognized for frequency. I figure if you carry your weight around there, you'll get respect.