New Hire Interview Process ?


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I recently had an interview at the hub in my local area for a entry level postion job (package handler) in hopes of one day becomeing a driver i was given a form with deatiled instructions on how to setup my w-9 personal info etc.. on the ups websight but its not allowing to process this online does this mean i didnt get the job what should i do ? :confused:1


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They will check your pulse..

Honestly there is nothing to sweat when it comes to
a package handler position. Look neat, be assertive,
show up on time for the interview.


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Yeah, I went on that interview two weeks ago. Really simple stuff. "Have you ever been in a situation in which you couldn't get all your work done?" Heh heh, yeah, when I was a Driver Helper. I felt like I had a leg-up on everyone there since I was a Helper last winter, but it doesn't really matter. The people that were there, I realized it doesn't take much to be a part-time Package Handler.

And I got the job, too (obviously). If it weren't for their computer system being down, I probably would've taken it, too, but TSA called me four days before UPS did. Oh well!


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Usually the initial interview process may appear intimidating, but really isn't. The process of the initial tour and discussion is really to discourage you from applying especially if you do not think you can handle the hard work. But once you let HR know that you are still interested, then they will usually setup a followup interview with you. Keep in mind that UPS is always trying to save face by weeding out candidates and reduce the bad image of hiring every employee just to have them quit... UPS already has a problem with a high turnover rate. Usually if they ask you to continue the process by having you fill in more information on-line, they chances are you will be hired. But they often have computer glitches/problems that prevent people from filling in the info on-line. If so, then you should go in person and speak to the HR person to get it resolved, otherwise you will be waiting even longer. Good luck.