New-Hires: And there effects on the outcome.

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    I think we are pretty much at the point where everybody knows how they are going to vote, for the most part…give or take that small percentage of people that are on the fence and still taking their time to look over the pros and cons; to those few, I commend you on your not rushing to vote.

    Further on point, I wanted to direct a thread to the topic of New-Hires. I feel that this contract is going to be sent down or ratified based on the votes of this key group, anyone from new to….oh, lets say, two years or so. One question I have is, how soon can a New-Hire vote? Another one is, how good do you think their understanding of the current contract is? And who is the people educating these guys in this regard in your building?

    It kind of bothers me right now, especially for the new-new-hires, that the only directions most of these guys are getting about voting is coming from the company alone…which is further compounded by my worry that even our locals (most of them anyway), and International is pushing for it as well. So it’s almost like these guys are not even given the opportunity to figure it out for themselves. Or ask around for opposing viewpoints.

    This is the group that is going to be most vulnerable to being mislead (for countless reasons, including age) about the contract. What are some of you NO voters doing to offset that wave of propaganda?

    (Of course I am aware that this group hardly ever votes, and most of them probably wont, but if my calculations are right, and this thing is going to be close, it might come down to those few that actually do)
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    If this or any group is going to be mislead, from either side, I think it's because they are too lazy to go out and make a determination on their own. Why put forth the effort to get facts when you can just sit back and vote how your friends tell you or how a forum tells you or how the company tells you or how the Union tells you. These same people will inevitably moan and complain about how they got shafted or how this or that sucks...

    I do my utmost, when talking to new(er) folks, to encourage them to go out and make their own decision and not to blindly trust what I or any other person says. If asked, I will give my opinions but I try very hard to qualify my statements with a "Go out and get informed" statement.

    I don't agree that new hires aren't given an opportunity to "figure it out for themselves". All they have to do is put forth some effort... it's more a matter, as I said above, of motivation. Most simply don't care for whatever reason.

    I'm not sure how soon a new hire can vote but I would imagine it would have to be after the probationary period and after the paperwork clears through the Union. I don't recall how long that takes though.
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    I agree…this is the approach that I try to take as well, sometimes its not so easy to deliver that advice without it being slanted towards my own views…but I try to do it just like you have said.
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    Yeah there's no doubt it's sometimes easier said than done ;)
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    i talked to a guy today who has been with ups for four months ang recived a ballot. so i'm not sure how long you have to be here to be able to vote.
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    Sounds like he joined the Union right after his 30 day period was up and they got the paperwork through pretty quick.
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    I had two new-hires today, that have only been with the company two months, tell me that they received ballots, so, I guess the answer to my question must be 30 days?
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    well they used the pcm's for that
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    Geez Steamroll, I haven`t see this kind of resurrection since Jesus came out of the cave.
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