New IMIP Program for International Employees

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by DataGurll, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. DataGurll

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    Just wondering what others think of the new IMIP program? A lot of folks are having to take reductions in their pay in exchange for deferring it to a bonus that's not guaranteed. Works out great for upper mgmt but sups and lower mgmt are having to make sacrifices.
  2. Monkey Butt

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    That's Logistics!
  3. Europa

    Europa New Member

    Love it. Finally get recognised for the revenue and profit we generate locally in my business unit, instead of getting lost in the company average which is dominated by US package.
  4. Casca

    Casca Member

    What program is this ?....Is it the revived 401k plan & available in the USA ?.....
  5. DataGurll

    DataGurll New Member

    This is new plan for MIP that's affecting several RRDDs in SCS as well as internationally.
  6. DataGurll

    DataGurll New Member

    Yes, but not loving losing pay to a bonus that's not guaranteed! I don't understand any rationale that allows the company to reduce an employee's salary like this.
  7. Casca

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    Please explain how this plan works and how does one apply to get in.
  8. brownmonster

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    I recall the company offering the same thing to the Teamsters in 1997. Less raises in exchange for profit sharing.
  9. DataGurll

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    Just get a job in Freight Forwarding!
  10. Europa

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    To be eleigible you have to be working in International. This includes US employees on International Assignment. Half your MIP is based on the company MIP factor. 25% is based on revenue vs plan for your business unit in your local geo. 25% is based on profit vs plan for your business unti in your local geo.

    Target payout is 10% for supes, 20% for managers. There are other twists as grade 18/3A level and above.

    In short, if you beat the plan on revenue and profit you wil be reconised for it. If you miss, it can be painful.

    There was also a one time adjustment to some salaries to ensure that vaiable pay was a onsistent % of total pay across the International business at a given grade level. No one had their total compensation reduced.
  11. DataGurll

    DataGurll New Member

    Perhaps Total Compensation isn't being reduced, but this is just spin for deferring actual CASH compensation to a bonus that's not guaranteed and that's the bottom line. While most of the supervisors ended up getting cuts in their cash compensation (paychecks!), many managers are getting increases that are retro back to 1/3/11. So, I'm just wondering where the motivation is for us to work hard if the company can choose to slice and dice your pay at will to suit policies that benefit those higher up in the food chain.
  12. TechGrrl

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    Welcome to the real world? This is just like politicians letting Wall Street destroy the economy with (in many cases) blatantly illegal practices, then letting them walk away with billions in bonuses, and no consequences to the bosses who set this up. And then trying to balance the budget by screwing the workers. Welcome to America in the 21st century. Plutocracy in action.