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  1. Recently the hub i work at upgraded the system so that if a package is scanned into the wrong location, the supes would be notified and the error corrected. however, after dealing with this for awhile, i noticed a great fault in the system that in my opinion is slowing productivity. and lets face it, no matter how important they say safety is, we all know that productivity is the most important to them. i'm rambling on so to the point....

    please note that i work in the small sort, and although this would go for the outbounds as well, its the small sort i see the real issue.

    the situation i see: in the past if you scanned a package into the wrong bin but caught it, you could simply remove the package and move on with the job. however now, if you scan a package into the wrong bin and catch it, you must now close the bin, remove all the packages scanned, and redo the bag.

    now doesn't that seem a little counter productive? simply remove the package from the system is no longer enough to clear your name of a misload.

    maybe im getting ahead of myself, but in some ways, the old system is better, even if many packages are sent off to the wrong hub.

    i find it surprising that they implemented a new system, that could be MUCH more effective if it could deduce on screen for us that a package that was scanned doesnt belong. doesnt that seem feasible? or am i just crazy? i;ve dabbled in programming in the past and know that regardless of what language our systems were designed with, it would take much to solve the misload issue once and forall.

    throw me some feedback. what does the rest of you think?
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    Our center has some sort of system that will tell the loader when he has scanned a bag that does not belong in his trailer. why we don't do the same for the packages I don't know. You scan the bag with the GSS scanner and it does the little buzz with the red light, and tells the loader that bag doesn't belong add to load anyway. Just hit minus and thorw the bag back on the feeder belt for another go around.
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    I've had late pull times with my trailers a few times. My hub apparently calls the part time sup whenever a package gets scanned into the wrong trailer. Thing is it's usually 10-15 minutes after the package has been loaded in. So they spend a good 20 minutes unloading the trailer to find the package while the belts back up. It's quite awesome....
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    In our hub the misloads are usually called in no more than a couple minutes from the scan/load.
  5. for the trailers, we have the same system. and its a real pain when you do scan a bad one and have to take time to dig it out.

    but imagine this. this is the kind of system we should be using.

    each trailer receives packages based on zip code. so if each trailer in the system was matched with the corresponding zip codes, than when a bad package is scanned it should know and be able to tell us, much like it does with the bags.